How I impregnated my mom

I was about the age of 13 when my hormones surged. Being honest I am not a late bloomer. This how I seduced my mother. Since I don't have a father I was all my mom's pet. We were really very friendly. I just forgot to tell you she likes a couple of drinks as she was 33 and working! But still I managed to get into her panties. It happened so that she was too drunk one night and her clothes were shabby to be totally revealing. As a matter of fact I could see her camel toe. So I took her to her room and put her on the bed but she insisted me to sleep with her. I got the hint, so I started playing with her breasts. Meanwhile she was moaning out my dad's name. I took it further and ripped open her dress. Then jumped on to her lips and kissed them hard biting her lip. I was literally just a horny Bull. I had some porn experience and skills and used it to pinch her nipples and kissing her in french style. I kept kissing her lips and slowly moved to her face and eyes. Punching her left nipple hard I alid my hand down to her vagina. She was wet there i started rubbing her clit slowly. Even before I caught pace she came like a open fire hydrant. She said " Your fingers are magic honey. I love you so much and kissed me". My desire was not yet over. So I shoved my dick into her mouth and started eating her out again the juices were yet to cease but I never stopped because I loved doing this. She slowly slurped onto my dick. I knew ahe longed for orgasms many times. As the vibrators were pretty useless to her. So I started eating her ass whilst finger her. She was in for a shock as she never expected this. I kept going on and she was trying to suck me but failed to do so as I was so fast with my fingers. She tried too hard to suck me while getting screwed but all in vein. After about fifteen minutes my cock still hard sat in her mouth like a thermometer. Suddenly she arched her back and said "Honey I am cummmmmiiiiiinnnnnnggggggggg!"
I stopped immediately! She was flustered at my reaction. Still in the 69 position I told her " Suck me". Slowly with a absurd look she started sucking me bit more vigorously. Then I continued to work on her vagina and anus fingering both whilst nibbling her clit! She was highly aroused and would have cum even with a touch. But I stopped again as she was not sucking. She got mad at me and yelled" You fuckin' asshole! Why are you doing this??" I got up and hugged her started kissing her. She was ready as a bull to be tamed. She was sucking my tongue into her mouth and started scratching my back. I quickly kissed her neck and made hickeys by biting her. Then I squeezed her ass and inserted my fingers crossed into it. I started to finger her while making out. To take things up I also rubbed her clit. She was so aroused that just my touch made her cum like a fountain. The whole bed was wet and she had cum all over her body. We decided to go to the shower. There I lifted her in my arms and mounted her on me. She was so excited to get me inside her. She was bucking and shaking to feel my cock. I turned on the shower and placed my dick inside her vulva. Slowly i nudged in as she had tears in her eyes. I kissed her on her lips and said should I stop? She said yes! I was about to drop her down when she said " Stop asking stupid questions and fuck me already. The moment I heard this I positioned her back and rammed it hard into her. Also started pacing slowly. Without blinking her eyes she had her third orgasm on my penis. Then i sped faster and more importantly seducing her again by punching her nipples and kissing her whilst fucking. To bring more thrill I gave her the shocker. She started shouting " I am about to cum!" I felt a slight feeling of fullness in my balls and bladder. So I paced faster and faster and she came again. But I didn't stop and pushed my dick deep and came in her. All the semen that entered was filling her up. She said " oh my god, so much for just one session??" I said let's go to the bedroom and turned off the shower. Took her to the bed and put her on her back. Then continued my next sessions. In total i came 3 times and she came 6 times. Then we lay ther with my dick in her all day until next afternoon. When I woke up and pulled my cock out the cum oozed out onto the bed.
Cut to now she is 7 months pregnant.

2 months ago


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    • I secretly captured all the action and uploaded on for the whole world to see:

    • LOL.......

    • And the Mighty anti incest warrior dives into the fight in the protection of decency.

    • I realize, of course that what you wrote isn't true. Not a single word. But that doesn't make it ANY less disgusting, disturbing, detestable, or despicable. And I hate the nauiseating idea that we must share the planet with filthy psychos like you. Now I need a shower. And you need a beating.

    • Poorly reasoned, poorly written, poorly realized.

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