I gave my room mate a bj and loved it

My room mate and I were hanging out one night, he went for a shower and I watched tv .. He came out naked and went for a beer. He caught me looking at his cock and said Paul, do you mind if i stay like this ? I said sure , whatever .
I kept looking at his cock off and on , finally Jerry got up , turned off the light and I thought he was going to bed as it was near 12 . He stood in front of where i was sitting and said ,Paul,youve been looking all night, if you want to touch it, it will be our secret . With that , he started to get hard . I looked up to him and said, i dont know dude. He said touch it, its ok . I reached and grabbed his cock and stroked it a little, it got hard instantly . It was about 7 " shaved , nice looking cock. He said go ahead , I slipped it into my mouth and was liking it . I sucked and licked the shaft and head and I was really enjoying it . After a bit he said he was close to cumming . In my mind, I never thought about this moment , and just kept sucking and figured it will be what it is .
He started cumming in my mouth and I swallowed and swallowed. What a big load . I was so nervous Im not sure what it tasted like .
Since that night, I blow him almost daily. And I love cum . He has never blown me, but thats fine . I even blow him after a date. My girlfriend does not know and neither does his . I feel lucky

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  • Cool, You are just better friends now. It just gives you two another way to kill time instead of just gaming. Have you ever thought of being making with him? Ever thought of wearing panties or a pair of small bikini briefs for him?

  • I had a similar experience with my college room mate. It started with us just drunkenly masturbating together while watching porn, but took a left turn our 4th time doing this. Long story short, it became something I would do for him on pretty much a daily basis sometimes more than once a day. I have never had the courage to tell my wife, but I have probably given more blowjobs than she has

  • Your all a bunch of poofters, filthy pricks

  • My roommate in college always went out and seemed to strike out with women, most of the time I was awake when he returned. One night he was telling me he was just horny as hell and I told him to shower up and I would just give him what he needed. He at first thought I was joking around and then he got up and showered. I went into his room which was totally dark, found his cock and gave him about a twenty minute edging and hard suck ending. He was moaning and gasping as I finished, told me that he had never received such a great blow job.

  • Years ago when we were just around 18 a couple of friends and myself went out drinking and having failed to pull any women staggered home messing about all the way. We were tossing a coin and loosing most of them on the way playing this dare game where winner or winners would decide what the losers had to do and no one within reason would ever bottle out .I tried to get out of one dare which was one split second suck of the winners cocks but it was just a crazy stunt we all laughed about the next day.Of course both of them took advantage and pushed there cock in and out several times but that was to be expected of young friends clowning around.Years later and with a wife and family i really love i began to use a sports center for swimming and found myself getting these strange urge`s to look far longer at the cocks of 18 plus lads than was normal.Several times iv gone of and sucked this young guy of who just likes being sucked of and coming in my mouth.He says he gets a real kick out of it.

  • I was in middle school too and discovered gay porn online with my friends at a sleepover. There we were five boys with erections in our underpants flipping a quarter to see who's gonna be first.

  • Cool , but what happened

  • I was a year younger than the others and we quite gullible. They all said that I lost, I never got to see the quarter? They said I had to swallow it too but I couldn't fast enough and it all over me.

  • I started in about middle school with one of my friends, we would stow away a few porn mags from his dads stash when we camped out in the back yard. One night he asked me if I was hard from looking at the pics then he really surprised me when he asked if I wanted to turn off our lights and play with each others cocks.
    We laid out on our sleeping bags opposite each other and began stroking each other then I heard him say he wanted to try something. He was moving around but still had a grip on the base of my cock but seconds later I felt his warm mouth going down on it. He sucked on me and when I told him I was about to cum he just kept on doing it and I laid there having the best feeling in my life.
    When he stopped I told him to lay back down and I would do that for him now. I did not even hesitate when I found his cock in the dark and just started sucking on it, he came pretty fast, it was like a minute. We did this for years and still meet up now and then for a suck fest, his wife has not blown him in like five years is what he told me last time we met up.

  • Awesome story

  • Brojob brojob choo choo!

    It's only gay if you don't say "No homo". LOL. Who am I kidding, this was gayer than the audience at a Barbra Streisand/Liza Minnelli double bill concert. Just relax and enjoy it. So you're bisexual. Maybe your girlfriends would like to watch? I know mine does.

  • Don't listen to them your not Faggots.
    Oral sex, is nothing my than a hand shake between friends.

  • Faggots

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