Best night ever

The wife (Sandra) and I finally got to get out of the house this past weekend. Normally between work and recovering from the work week we both just chill at home. A friend of ours was having some friends over. Nothing important. Just snacks and drinks and friends hanging out.

So we had been there a while and my wife had several cocktails. When my wife drinks she gets a bit insatiable. She leans over to me and says, "Who is that?" I said, "Who is who?" She said, "Blue shirt. Nice chest. Muscular arms. Khaki shorts and the nice ass." I said, "That's Rob. A guy I know at work." She said, "How well do you know him?" I said, "I mean we haven't talked but I've seen him. Why?" She said, "He's hot. I want him to fuck me. Think he has a big dick?" I said, "I would certainly have no idea." She said, "Go bring him over here." I said, "Why?" She said, "So I can talk to him and see if he will take me home." I said, "You realize you are married right? To me?" She said, "Aw honey. You know I love you. Sometimes a girl just needs a handsome, ripped guy with a big dick to just bend me over and go for it." I said, "And I guess I'm not that guy?" She said, "No dear. You are handsome. You do have nice muscles but you don't have a big dick. Like at all." I said, "So you're gonna flirt with him and see if he will take you home and fuck you?" She said, "That's the plan!" I said, "What am I going to do?" She said, "You're coming home too. I can handle two cocks. Who knows. Maybe youll like it."

So I go introduce myself to rob. He remembered me from work. I pointed out my wife but didn't say she was my wife. I said that Sandra over there wanted him to join her. He goes over and they start talking. I have my drink and a cigar and I'm just watching. Then Rob asks how Sandra and I know each other. She says, "He's my husband." Rob says, "Oh. I guess I didn't realize whats going on. I thought you were interested in me." She says, "Yes. I am interested. Very." He says, "Interested how?" She says, "For sex. I want you to take me home to my house and fuck me." He said, "And Mike is ok with this?" She said, "Yep. He'll have to be or he can be in a different room." Rob said, "So what's he going to do?" She said, "Masturbate. Join in. Be your fluffer. Whatever. That ok?" Rob said, "Actually yeah. I'm totally down." She said, "So, shall we go now?" He said, "Yep. This party is starting to die anyway." More to follow...

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  • Great can’t wait to hear the rest.

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