Got fingered wtf?

I was at a party and there was a guy that I liked and we hit it off, so we went into a back room to make out. We were dtf and I was sucking his cock on all fours, and couple of people were watching, but i didn't care.

One of the friends of the guy I was sucking came in and he was drunk as shit, saying "Woah dude, fuck yeah!" I ignored him and kept sucking my guy but his friend fucking came up behind me and stuck his finger in my vagina. WTF? I turned around and slapped him and told him to gtfo.

I don't know what it is about guys that they think they can just walk up to someone and put their finger in someone's vagina. Fuck that. I think I may have gotten #metoo'd.

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  • I remember the first time I was fingered. I was eleven with an older teenage boy who was the friend of my sister's boyfriend and we were at the movies.
    I was all into being touched through my panties but in them and in me?!?!?!

  • Whores can't cry #metoo

  • That was rude and unacceptable behavior. He should have rammed his cock up in there instead, balls deep, with no lubrication.

  • This is a rerun that was recently posted on another thread. What the fuck is #metoo'd?

  • Yeah no way that’s a me too sitch

  • Just take it like the whore you are bitch

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