Trying to turn my son straight

My son is home for college this summer and he has been spending an inordinate amount of time with a male friend. Last week my son admitted that they are more than just friends; they are lovers.

As his mom, I try to be supportive, but him being gay has me really upset. He used to show interest in girls, but he said it's not that way anymore and that he was always gay. I don't believe him. I think he is just ill.

I really had high hopes that he would find a girl to be with and marry, but no, he's sucking dick and taking it in the ass. The mere thought of this makes me nauseous. This is so wrong and not the way I raised him. On a side note, I'm also Christian and being gay means you go to Hell. You can't have any higher stakes than eternal damnation.

He's only 20 so I think there might be some chance I can still rehabilitate him into becoming straight. I have a divorced female friend who is 47 and said she would be willing to go out with him and have sex with him to try to turn him straight. She thinks he's handsome, and he is. I hope she can get together with him and fuck him straight. God meant for cock to be in pussy and I pray that my son will give up his sinful ways and start finally fucking women.


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  • Have you thought maybe that you should teach him?

  • Why would you need a friend? Just walk around in your panties and show him your titties. He will get the message

  • Something kinky may be what your son needs to get the ball rolling. If you are an attractive mom, you need to seduce him. Start letting him see your tits and pussy often one way or another. Then give him a morning wood blowjob naked to get him even harder, before riding his cock cowgirl until he cums inside you.

  • Is he a top or a bottom, if you know that is. if he is on top and fucking his bf then its possible he will become straight. he may just be turned on by fucking friend in ass, which feels amazing to dominate a friend like that.

    if he is on bottom and friend fucks him, then he is gay and wont change because he loves taking cock up his ass

  • That’s not true either. I’m a married man but a bottom with men. I haven’t had sex with a man in years and though I miss it at times, I don’t have to have it.

  • You shall not lie with a male as with a woman; it is an abomination. (Leviticus 18:22)

    If a man lies with a male as with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination; they shall surely be put to death; their blood is upon them. (Leviticus 20:13)

  • Wow, Leviticus sounds like a real stick in the mud, he needs to learn to party.

  • Homosexuality is a mental illness. The psychiatric profession was 100% in agreement on that fact, until they were forced by the homosexual advocacy groups that wanted society to accept queers as "normal". Unfortunately, just like pedophilia, zoophilia, and other mental defects affecting sexual behavior, there is no cure. Some Christian groups still offer "gay aversion therapy", which is not a cure, but teaches people with homosexual desires how to abstain from homosexual behavior. It would be worth looking into. However, many states have passed legislation banning it, as the progressive liberal agenda is set on abolishing all religious practices and gaying up this once great nation to the point that we cease to be the country that our forefathers gave their lives to create. As far as having a woman seduce him to show him the joys of the vagina, at best, it would encourage him to be bisexual, which is worse than being a straight up fag, because he will spread his abominable gay diseases to women.

  • Offensive.

  • Yes, gays are very offensive.

  • I bet you would love my hard cock in ur ass

  • Yes they are... to closed minded idiots.

  • I hope you can learn to love and accept your son for who he really is. You cannot change other people, only yourself. Good luck to you.

  • Lol. You are stupid lady. You can’t turn a person straight. And nowhere in the bible does it say that you’ll go to hell for being gay. Ignorance is strong in this one.

  • He's right, he was born that way. You are anything but a supportive mom, in fact, you sound more like a really ignorant and angry dad. You want to engage in the most futile thing you've ever undertaken ? Try to pray away the gay ! You want him to hate you for eternity ? Try hooking him up with some lascivious divorcee 27 years his senior ! The best thing he could do is get far, far away from you !

  • The best thing he can do is get the fuck out of that university. Them dumb fucking liberal professors want to convince our young boys that male masculinity is evil and they should be gay or transgender. If someone is legitimately gay, that is one thing, but constantly berating our boys trying to make them pussies is wrong too. They brainwash them into thinking that being male is bad, and if they are a white male, well then they are twice as bad because now they are racist too. We have white male kids coming home from college ashamed of who they are. Theses fucking liberals need to just stop with their bullshit.
    I'M WHITE, I'M MALE, AND I'M PROUD. Fuck you liberals who think otherwise.

  • I’d fuck your proud white ass. And you’d love it.

  • Funny you did not say thst before when my cock was stuffed in your throat

  • And my cock was balls deep in his ass

  • Right fucking on brother. If more straight white people don't grow a set of balls and stand up for themselves, the USA will be history. The Socialist Liberals must not be allowed to control this great nation.

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