Want to share my wife’s pics

My wife let me take photos of her naked. I think she’s super sexy and I fantasize about other men cumming to her photos. I get hard just thinking about it.

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  • Love to see photos please send record674@gmail.com

  • I'm going out with my wife a weeks and get my camera out -- and she like no no- not now - after my period -- I'm so bloated now - She's built like Barbie. A week later 'no no -- you guys and your cameras.' Next week I get the camera out and load a 36 shot roll of Kodacrome. And she's like OK -- let me prissy up. She goes to the bathroom and comes out in her birthday suite. "I'm ready -- let's do this" And she has all these Playboy like posses -- not her first rodeo.
    I take all 36 shots. I later tell her I wasn't expecting nudes. How comes you're such a ringer? '2 old boyfriends from college took many." This was 45 years ago. I must have 500 of her from 23 to 65. Still clicking. My favs are when she was chubby from 40 to 45. Fucking her then was extra good.

  • I think it's hot people like to show their wives, would anyone like to see my wife Elizabeth?

  • I'd love to see Elizabeth.
    -- pinedlee@yahoo.com

  • Well not sure about people on here, but your story sound hot, I understand because I was married almost 18 years and we did some nasty shit. I wanted her to fuck another man right as I watched but she never did. My best friend loved seeing her dirty panties and it mad me so horny showing him. I wanted so bad for him to use them as I watched but he never did. Maybe I should have offered him!

  • I think that's hot !!!

  • Bwahahaha

  • None of you dopes are getting anything so just go to the corner and pull yourselves off, WANKERS

  • Lol good one !!

  • Thank you so much you twisted pricks, you will all be reported to the authorities, maybe you will like the photos they take of you, HAHAHHAHAHA
    silly cunts

  • Only an idiot would think that it's against the law to ask for pics of someone's wife. Who ever posted the above comment is stupid hahaha

  • Kjbmoore78@gmail.com id love to see

  • My wife is 56 years old

  • Please send them to me. I can't wait to see them. sphiil@aol.com

  • I'd love to share photos of my wife

  • I'd love for you to share them with me - pinedlee@yahoo.com

  • I'd love to see her. sphiil@aol.com

  • Maybe we could arrange a trade then.


  • Send to bricesol@gmail.com, I can't wait to jerk off to your wife

  • Please send them to me..thanks..poheywood@hotmail.com

  • Send them to masterone77@yahoo.com

  • Send me them. I can't wait to see her. arlundfletcher6@gmail.com

  • Please send them to me. I can't wait to see them. sphiil@aol.coom

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