Neighbourhood wives

I’m single but there are a lot of married women in my neighbourhood. I work out seven days a week and have the body of a bodybuilder. I also have a huge schlong and am good looking. I walk around in muscle shirts and shorts most days and wear a small speedo when I’m sunbathing. I look great.
A lot of the guys in the neighbourhood think I’m an arrogant asshole and often say things behind my back. This is out of jealously.
What these pencil dicks don’t know is that I’m banging probably a dozen different wives of theirs in the area at any time.
The women all pretend that they don’t like me to their husbands but are total sluts when I bang them. Lol

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  • We have a lot of young stay at home moms in our gated community. We go out walking or go to each other's places for coffee. We also have a few hot dad types in the neighborhood who work from home. I'd never cheat on my husband, but I'll just say I've seen it happen. As in I've hung out and watched, and I didn't even intend to.

  • And then the alarm rang and you woke up from your dream lol

  • You sound like an arrogant asshole.

  • Not arrogant at all. Can’t help it if married women want to fuck me instead of their husbands.

  • Damn bro,
    Move into our neighborhood! Help yourself to a beer!

  • Lol...horny women everywhere bro, with husbands who don’t pay attention.

  • We’re it my dirty little wife I’d want her satisfied and I’d encourage you to have at her to your hearts content!

  • I pretend like I don’t like my husbands boss, but the truth of the matter, he’s sexy, knows what he wants, and can definitely fuck.

  • I would sneak to your house and let you fuck me <3

  • Thank you for your honesty.

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