Sissymaid adventure

My confession involves getting up in the middle of the night whilst my wife is asleep. I would put on my fishnet stockings , black suspender belt . White bra and thong panties.. and then my sissymaid outfit . A wig and 6 inch heels would follow. Then I would walk up an down the Main Street waiting for cars to slow down and people to lust after me.

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  • I too love to dress up in ladies silky panties and heavily padded bra, short skirt, and tight top. Then go to the gay park and hang out. Just to see how many other men will let me suck there cocks and swallow there cum. Or deposit a load of there cum up my ass.
    Then go home and have wild sex with my wife. She knows what I've been doing, she can smell the other mens cum on me.

  • You very naughty boys, you must be careful as cruising is very risky in so many ways.
    I am a 39 year young tranny, who has been developing my female appearance ever since I was a teenager. I was brought up by two Aunts who didn't mind my preference. Anyway, I knew I was gay, felt female but always wanted to keep my manhood.
    So, overtime I developed breasts with exercise and medication and now they are a lovely 38B. I qualified in fashion design at high school, having a flair for ladies wear. This also gave me access to fabulous clothes!! It also enabled me to dress how I preferred.
    I have always kept myself fit, watched my weight and am just over 10 stone, have small feet and hands and long legs. I feel so blessed. I have a naughty excitable penis, average size, but once I start putting my stockings, suspenders and knickers on it grows to a magnificent erection.
    I sometimes get erect when I'm in public and walking about feeling the silk undies rubbing against my penis. I have even had an ejaculation in our local store when the caressing of my undies reached a peak!!!!
    I have regular boyfriends, all three are married and live nearby. I have a great circle of friends who accept me for what and who I am and I adore them all. I live on my own, have a lovely apartment, a great job.
    Signed Jasmine

  • I too love wearing all the silky ladies panties, garter belts & stockings, control panties, short half slips, and silky soft cup bras. I would get up around 1 to 2pm and would get dressed up and then walk the dog dressed in only my silky ladies lingerie, with my cock sticking straight out in my brief panties like a tent pole. Several times cars would drive by me, slowing down to look at me. This instantly caused me fill my panties with my cum. I loved the fact that I was seen while wearing all my silky ladies lingerie. What a rush!!! Other times I would dress up but wearing pantyhose (nude) wearing a worn thin tee shirt that clearly showed my bra, and a pair of ladies shorts...that zip up in the back, and then go shopping at the mall. The looks other women would give me, knowing that I was wearing ladies underwear was such a turn on for me. Sometimes some of them would tell me how pretty I looked as they walked by me. I would love to meet another guy with simmilar interests to share my experiences with him.

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