Being Touched and Examined

Wouldn't say this is a fetish, though there is a sexual component in it. I want to be touched all over my body. To be examined calms me down, especially if latex gloves are used. I don't mean getting fingers in my butt mind you, but things like examining the ears and scalp and obviously getting felt around "down there." There has to be a women who likes that somewhere!

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  • You should find a woman doctor. You will love your annual physical

  • My female friend and former business associate was like this. Loved to be touched, felt, and handled (as long as she knew the person). She went to my niece's dance recital with me, and the auditorium was a bit cold. Kept telling me to rub her legs, rub her arms, put her hands between mine to warm her up, etc. Then later, waiting for niece to come out afterwards, we were standing outside, and I was behind her. Told me wrap my arms around her, massage her back (said was tight from the seats), and play with her long, jet-black hair as we walked.. She just really enjoyed being touched.

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