Loud Woman

Lisa had looked on with bright blue eyes as the domme flogged me. My wife and another girlfriend watched, too. I was wearing a thong that didn't fit very well, and my semi-hard kept slipping out. The domme was a little too buzzed on wine and kept wrapping the flogger. There were more welts on my hips than my ass. I finally tired of it and used my safe word. The domme was perplexed, my wife called me a pussy, and the other girlfriend untied me from the overhead beam. I collapsed on a blanket on the floor. All but Lisa filed out of the room for more wine, and she kneeled beside me for aftercare.

Lisa was of medium height, had long straight brown hair, beautiful blue eyes, and a fairly decent figure. Her face had acne scars, but, not a problem for me. She identified as a submissive / bottom, but was fairly outspoken. As she kneeled beside me, at first she just cuddled and soothed me. Then, she began kissing me and got more amorous. Because she'd seen my wife and the other g/f flick and pinch my nipples, she slipped a hand under the blanket and lightly pinched one with her long red nails. I moaned and began fully erecting, and as she pinched harder, my moans increased. " AHHHH ! " I
blurted lustfully and she responded with an orgasmic gasp of her own, along the lines of, " BAHHHOOWW ! " It startled me and she blushed, saying, " I'm VERY orgasmic ! " She bent and sucked a nipple, and reached farther under the blanket and grasped my erection. She chewed a nipple and stroked me until I came. When I shot it, she moaned louder than I did.

When we left the play space, Lisa followed my wife and I home. We sat up until the wee hours, my wife finally going to bed as she was working. I wasn't so I stayed up entertaining Lisa. I folded out the futon in the guest bedroom and put on sheets and a blanket. When I turned around, she had stripped naked and stood there, smiling. She had great breasts, 36 dd, and a shaved pussy like most of the subbie women. Her ass was as dimpled as the surface of the moon, but, again, no problem for me. We kissed passionately, I squeezed both tits, grabbed both ass cheeks, and fingered her wet slit. But, I told her we'd have fun later in the morning when my wife left for work. I went to bed and vaguely remembered my wife leaving for work.

I arose long after daylight, pulled on some silk boxers, and put on some fresh coffee. I peeped in on Lisa and she was snoring away, the sheet pulled down exposing those beautiful breasts. I poured coffee and put bagels in the toaster. I awoke her, she got up to pee, and I got her a robe. After coffee and bagels I asked her if she had ever pegged anyone. She hadn't but had, " always wanted to ! " I fetched the strap on harness, some lube and let her choose from three different dildoes. She chose not the longest, but, the thickest, one with an insertion for her vagina, and a ribbed deck for her clit. We both got naked, she put on the harness, and we fitted the dildo, not needing any lube for her insertion, she was dripping wet. She lubed my anus, stretched me with the smallest dildo, moaning as I did. Then she barked, " Get on your knees and suck my dick ! " I did, and she whooped and cajoled as she fucked my face, gagging and choking me. But, it wasn't until I got on all fours on the futon, and she mounted me that the real noise began.
She began gentle at first but hit an agreeable rhythm and began pounding me harder. " OHHHH,AAAGGGHH, HAAAUMMP ! " and other lustful outbursts as she grasped my hips, digging in with those red nails. She bent over my back, her erect nipples grazing me. I stiffened to full boner as she pounded away. " OH MY FUCKING GOD, OOOOHHH, FUCK YEAH ! AHHHHH,I'M FUCKING CUMMING,AGGHHHOOOHH ! " She gave me a reach around but forbid me to cum. I managed not to and she finally dismounted me exhausted. I pulled on a condom and mounted her, fucking her for several more very loud orgasms. When I shot it, and gasped, she was gasping right back at me, at almost ear-splitting decibels. We lay entangled for a bit, and talked. She got me hard again and sucked me off. Then, she bounded up, got a shower, dressed and left. There would be other times, but, that was the most fun.

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  • Don't frigin expect anyone to really think this happened, your imagination is not even excessively good, HEY have you had a nice couple of wanks writing and reading this ?

  • HEY. No. Did you ?

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