Naked families and me

I'm 35white male from Boston looking to talk to members of nudist families and "close" families. Always wished I was in one growing up. Would love to find a family that's willing to let me join them at their house for nudist times or more. Hope there are some locals willing to chat or anyone. Very open-minded here and don't judge. Message me here or at my e mail at hornyneguy30 at gmail. And just put confessions in the subject if you do.

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  • It’s a trap....all of it.

  • Did you meet up in Boston?

  • No. Haven't met anyone yet. Where are you from?

  • Close by in a Marriott Hotel

  • Email me let's chat at hornyNEguy30@gmail

  • Boston Marriott Long Wharf, Starbucks inside. Monday evening

  • What time? Are you m or f or both?

  • Couple here, mid 50’s.

  • I'm up for meeting. Can you email me so we can chat easier? I can get to long WARF in 15mins from my house. So very easy to come by

  • What are you looking for? What time do you wait to meet at the Starbucks? 730?

  • Sounds good. I’ll be there. Blue sport coat and kakhi pants wearing loafers. I’m so ready for this. Do you want to get a room there?

  • I'm not meeting until we email and exchange pics and info and know what I'm meeting you there for. So if your real and want to meet and play, please email me and we can go from there

  • Check your email. It may have gone to your spam folder.

  • Nothing there.

  • Are you a nudist? or is this something you would like to explore?

    We are a small nudist community, and hold the odd soiree, this helps when somebody wants to explore at the begining

  • Sharing a room is totally fine with me. They'd have to understand that I wake up with crazy morning wood though. Without fail. Lol

  • Well we have a young gentleman in his twenties and a lady in her sixties, both single, and a young girl whom we a chaperoning,
    There is a slight problem we wanted the lady to share, but she is saying she is not a babysitter but is willing to share with the young gentleman,.
    I can't contact the young gentleman to ask him, which would you prefer to share with?

  • How old is the young lady. I think I'd be more comfortable with her. It wouldn't really be babysitting right?

  • The young lady is 12, and like I say we are chaperoning her, if it is a problem you can stay with our older lady?

  • No that is totally fine. Think I'd be more comfotable the younger lady. Two beds and everything in the room? Is she a family member if yours or something? How is it that your chaperoning her at a nudist party?

  • Her family have been coming to us for three years now, so have got to know them well, her father is away on business at that time and her mother is looking after a sick family member, but should arrive on Saturday afternoon.

    I'm afraid all beds are doubles is that a problem now?

  • Not at all. I'm very open-minded and willing to do Anything that you need me to to join this party. I've been very excited and hard all morning thinking of it. I hope that's not a problem with you...

  • We are open minded' and thank you very much for being understanding, these things are difficult at times.

    Your descressions will be respected have no fear.

    Will tell her she is to do what you tell and not to misbehave!

    Sorry to ask what is your sexual preference? Homosexual, heterosexual or bi?

  • Mainly hetero but open to some big stuff. Does that stuff happen at the parties? And again. I'm perfectly fine with her in the room and bed together. As long as she's OK with seeing a grown man with an erection. Lol. Its going to be hard for me not to have one a lot of the time. Hope that's OK. And as far as misbehaving. I'm sure she won't. But if she did, should I wake you two or what would you recommend I do?

  • Oh I'm sorry, she had to move our unexpectedly. But don't worry, we have a bed for you if you're still interested. You'll have to share with Jackson. He's a big black guy with a big dick. I hope you don't mind, but he tends to be frisky in the middle of the night. So just go with it and he'll be quick. There is some lubrication available if you need it. Actually, you may just want to take it anyway, Jackson is very big. Anyone can't wait for you to get here.

  • Ha ha very funny somebody too scared to be them selves!

  • Lots of men get hard from time to time, as do some of the ladies get engauged and wet at times.

    Best not to wake the establishment unless an emergency, she may wish to talk or be restless, or need a cuddle as her parents not there.

    Just comfort and explain about your body if she is asking and vice versa
    She may be quite wet she is at that age?

  • Yes I'm very much looking to explore. I'd love to come check it out. That would be amazing. Always been very interested in the lifestyle. Please tell me more. Or email me at Thanks!

  • Sounds good. So where about are you located. Can we please move to email now so I don't have to keep checking on this post?

  • There are more question I'm afraid but if you feel this is too inconvenience??

  • No not at all. Ask away. Like I said. I will do Anything you ask of me no question. 😉

  • How old are you?
    Are you looking for a romantic interest?
    If so can you be descteet, if you was with someone?

  • Yes discretion is huge for me as well. So no problem. I wouldn't say I'm going into this looking for it. But I am a very srxual and horny person and if something happened I'd definitely be happy with it. And I'm 35

  • Obviously from what you was saying earlier somee of guests would like to think your excitment due to them? how would you deal with that?

  • I would welcome it. Let them play with it if they wanted. I'm very open. Not shy. Also the excitement definitely would be because of them. Lol. I'd be up for anything sexual with Anyone there that wants to do something as long as your OK with that happening

  • And you don't have a problem with age?

  • No. As long as everyone is OK with it as well and discretion is kept. Why do you ask? Ids there someone or something you'd like me to do or play with while there? I'll do whatever you want gladly. As long as it makes me a member of the group

  • Are older ladies tend to like adult company, but youight be busy with our younger lady, she will ask you a lot of questions this may prevent you doing something with our older ladies?

  • Have you been to any nudist parties or explored yet?
    Will anyone else be joining you?
    We don't do email straight away, need to get to know more about you first

  • Why should it prevent me? I love older ladies. And what better way for the young girl to learn then to watch me and an older woman, right?

  • Unless you think she'd be willing to satisfy my needs like the older woman would

  • Still here chatting?

  • Who?

  • Anyone. The one that's been posting. Who is this?

  • This is the lady who as been posting, you said unless she'd be willing like the older one whom was you referring to?

  • Oh. The younger girl. I meant she's more then welcome to watch me and an older woman play so she can learn. Or I could teach her alone if that's some you and she wanted

  • I'm not sure are you saying you are willing to have sex with the girl?

  • I'm saying I'm open-minded and willing to do anything that you all are comfortable with. You said she might be needy and not allow time for me to have sex with the other woman. In what way would she be needy. Would you want me to teach her things. I'm OK with that

  • Would you be willing to do that for her?

  • No. No one would be joining me. I'm single. And I haven't been to any nudist parties. I've been to adult parties. Lol but that's a lot different. Before we keep going are you near Boston?

  • Yes I would

  • Yes we are our next soiree is on Friday 19th December, would this be something you would be interested in attending?

  • What happened. Never heard back from you. What was that about Jackson? Who was that writing that? Still there?

  • I'm back, the person who thinks jackson, wants to meet someone we have Martin for you! Jackson will be very hurt so will his friends!
    But your not scared are you so come meet us?!?

  • That was not me! And if they think they can get back Martin then they are welcome

  • Get back Martin? I'm confused. Can we switch to email now to avoid this?

  • We are willing to meet come on then we protect our own!

  • Where do you want to meet and do you have any family left!

  • Very much yes! How many people usually? Is it mostly singles or couplers or families? Just curious.

  • Only two singles at the moment three with your self, there are couples including my husband and my self and two families.

    We might have to double you if you would be alright with that?

  • Double me? What do you mean? I think I'm pretty much open to anything. What should I expect?

  • Share a room with someone else

  • Sharing a room is totally fine with me. They'd have to understand that I wake up with crazy morning wood though. Pretty much Without fail every morning

  • We’re over close to the bay. Come join us.

  • Hello?

  • I'd love to. What bay? It would be great to join you. How many in your family?

  • Large Irish family. After dinner we all got naked and had fun once the kids were in bed. My wife fucked her dad and I fucked my mother in-law. Once they were done he and I wore each other’s ass out. Can you handle that?

  • Hello??

  • Hell yes!!! Very very very hot!!!! Do you still play? Where are you from?

  • Billings road on Quincy Bay.

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