Weird Masturbation

People would usually masturbate with toys, or humping on pillows. While me, I will masturbate by grinding a chair, back and forth. The softness must be perfect and it will send me over the edge all the time. If there's no one home, I will take a video of myself and moaning like I'm having sex until I cum. Mmmmm God....

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  • You’re an erotic woman.
    I want to finger you before fucking you.

  • Very. I'm a virgin but I love to masturbate a lot.

  • I met a girl once that had what she called an embarrassing way to get off and she finally showed me.

    She had to lie on her stomach and make a fist and slide her arm done to her crotch and hump on her fist.

    She said it’s the only way for her?

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