Is anyone else really obsessed with the smell of pussy and/or smelling panties?!?

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  • Love it. I've sucked out every last drop of pussy juice from 100s if girls worn panties. Girlfriends, neighbors, friends and family. Mom's, daughters, sister in law's and granddaughter's. Of course, I sniff and suck out any ass stains too. Daughters and granddaughter's juices make me cum the best. Always good to spread my cum in their clean panties too.

  • Make me a sandwich and I'll fuck your sister haha classic

  • I like to smell woman's panties, it's a fetish of mine

  • I’ll send you mine.

  • As a man i don't know why you would be comfortable smelling a vagina. Awful odour

  • Sorry I'm confused (As a man lol) mmm I'm trying not to be nasty here but go lick balls you must be gay

  • Ewww

  • Pretty much every straight guy there is.

  • Us girls are paranoid...who you speaking for birch?? I love when a man or woman smells my pussy!!

  • I suppose when your unhygenic fat and smelly you don't care what your kebab smells like. Whats a birch?

  • Sure. I love the smell of pussy. Many do, many don't, but I certainly do.

  • Not are girls are worried. I dated a girl that loved to smell her own panties while we fucked

  • Really bitch not all girls are paranoid..if your gonna be worried make me a sandwich and I'll fuck your sister

  • Knob

  • Guys really? Cos us girls are paranoid about smells down there. But you guys actually like that musky strong smell?

  • Oh hell yes instant hardon it's the pheromones you ladies let off.

  • Yessssssssssss

  • Mmmmmm yes!!

  • Oh hell yea

  • I used to love when my sister came home from Lacrosse practice, those panties were soaked. I would wait until I heard the shower start up then quickly go into her room to see if she stripped in there or not. Most of the time she would leave them in front of her closet and grab her robe to shower. I would pull her panties from the pile and put them right on my face, god it was so intoxicating.

  • Uh with no doubt that would be a big hell to the YES !!

  • Girl your paranoid for no reason. Yes we want to smell your scents.

  • Yep. The dirtier the pussy is the better it tastes and smells

  • That’s hot.

  • Pretty much all my life, started when I was around 10 with my sister's and I still love the scent.

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