Slutty wife secretly into Dom/Sub

I'm pretty sure my husband knows I see other men from time to time. He told me he doesn't care if I "wander" as long as I always come home and don't stay gone for extended periods. I love the thrill of a new fuck...a new cock...a new orgasm. I love sucking, deep throating and gagging on cock. I love when a man is rough with me and fucks me like a whore. Especially, when he calls me a "good girl" and makes me behave for him. Ive been with a lot of guys. Sometimes it's a single encounter. Although, there are a couple I still see every now and then. There is only one who is my Daddy but he is overseas at the moment. I plan on diving a little deeper into the Dom/Sub lifestyle upon his return. Some of these guys get caught up in their feelings. That's a no go for me. They'll get cut off. Plus, I just get bored easily...


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  • I have an asian wife that for years the sex was just so-so, but a couple of years ago she came out of her shell. She enjoys the Dom/Sub thing. She likes the pain, being tighted up etc. We’ve made baby steps, and still going to see how far we can take this. One step is to fulfill one of a few fantasy scenario‘s. Asking her to actually cheat(Yes, a fantasy of hers) or find two guys or a couple for one of the others. It’s put our sex experiences at a whole new level.

  • Most people are not into pain and suffering. That Dom/Sub stuff is a waist of time.

  • You are freakishly similar to my wife. Her cheating got me into this.

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