I am a cuckold

I knew a woman that had been fucked by several guys and I wanted her more than any other woman. I asked her out and soon lost my virginity in her well used cunt. She told me that I didn't have the longest cock that she ever fucked. She did this to embarrass me, and I didn't mind and only wanted her more. I dated her exclusively while she would fuck a couple of other men every week.
Most of my friends knew that she was fucking other men while she was the only women that I ever dated. In fact, many of the men that were fucking her were friends of mine.
I asked her to marry me and she said that she would but she would also not stop fucking other men. I wanted her to be my wife and I agreed. We got married and she wore a white dress even though most of the men at our wedding had fucked her and most of the women knew. I spent many nights and weekends alone while she was out fucking other men. I wanted her to go off birth control and have a baby. She said that she would but said that she wouldn't stop fucking other men. I knew that she was going to keep fucking other men, but I wanted a child and agreed knowing full well that it would probably be fathered by another man. I raised three children that did not look at all like me.
We are still married fifty years later and I still love her very much!

Jul 20
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Fucking Maria my Spanish Au pair

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    • I think that I fell in love with my wife the first time I had seen her at a friend's house he and four other guys had picked her up in a Disco club and they all fucked her she was just 17 years old. My friend told me to get her out of his house and take her home. When I walked into the bedroom she was just getting dressed pulling up her dress I could see everything because she didn't have any panties or bra on . He young body was beautiful from her smooth pussy to her ferm big tits. I gave her a ride home and we ended up taking for hours. We became friends and I learned that she just liked to have fun with guys and didn't mind getting fucked by them. About a year later she had gotten pregnant by a black guy and her father threw her out of the house. I helped her pay for an abortion and she was staying with me at my apartment. She continued to fuck other guys even bringing them back to my place. We ended up getting married when she turned 18 I loved her so much that I didn't care that she was a slut or not she was the woman that I wanted to be with and I didn't care that everyone knew that I was a cuckold for her back then I don't think there was a name for a guy like me she was just a cheating slutty wife. She knew that she had me pussy wiped and she could do anything that she wanted to me and I put up with it eating her used pussy that was full of other guys cum watching her getting dressed to go out on a date with someone else many nights just waiting for her to come home with someone else. Sleeping in the other bedroom listening to her getting fucked by strange men. I was a true cuckold for her and I love every minute of it.

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