My bosses pet

It was my last day before my vacation so I stayed at work late to get ahead so I have less to do when I return. So before I leave I got to the bathroom when come out I see my boss in her office and she signaled for me. I went into her office and she got up from her desk while asking me what I’m doing for my vacation. At this point she was completely behind me, and she said “take your dick out”. I go to turn around and she said “no, obey, take your dick out”. Before I could unzip my pants she pulled them to the floor. Then she pushed me forward to bend over her desk. I have never been in a situation like this, and I didn’t know why it was happening. But I my cock was throbbing. Then she turned me around and said “I want to see you cum, one minute”. She leaned over and spit on my dick, then started counting down. “Cum or you’re fired”. I started beating my dick fast as I could. She sat down in front of me crosses her legs and kept counting. When she got to thirty I could feel it building. Then at twenty I was ready I closed my eyes and pinched my tip, then let go. I could feel my cum shoot and it felt exhilarating. I kept stroking until I was empty and my knees were buckling. Then I opened my eyes and saw my cum sprayed on the floor in front of me and on her crossed leg staining her tights down to the top of her foot. She removed her heels, then her tights very delicately. Once her tights were off she licked my cum off them and told me to get on my knees. And she grabbed the back of my head pushing my face into her bush covered pussy. She held my head there eating until she came. Then grabbed my shirt by the collar and put me out her office with a hard dick and my pants around my ankles. She wore those same tights the next day with visible stains, but acted like I didn’t exist. And since then nothing has happen. However, I’ve seen her staring at me through her office window, and I think she’s masturbating while she stares.

11 months ago


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    • Joan my married coworker would always hit on me. Nice lady, funny plain, little chubby, big tits. "I'll get a room if you want, keep it in mind." I'm married too. No interest in a fling with her. Till she got promoted to be my boss. Guess I get that boss fucker thing now. I lick her pussy in her office.

    • Good good but you should worship her feet instead of have sex with her

    • Your just a silly little boy, get your hand off it

    • Frigin not even good crap

    • Too many discrepancies to be anywhere near factual, wake up you dickhead

    • What was this? R u a kid?

    • Last day before vacation, but the next day you see her wear the same pants? Was it so good you went to work again on the first day of your vacation?

    • I think you should get a raise.

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