Seduced by brothers wife

We had never gotten along until I turned 22 and my other brother ,his wife , sister in law and myself went dancing one night. While we were all dancing I couldn't help noticing how good her pushy looked in her Jean's and kept looking at her all night wondering if she shaved it or not and if not what color her Bush was. I'd see her almost daily at work , when she get out of the car I'd stare at her pussy whenever she wasn't looking and when she'd leave I'd go straight to the bathroom and fantasize about her jacking off still I'd cum and back to work. This went on for about a month and she'd get me so horny that I would be looking at her pussy and started jacking off while she was still there and again when shed leave, well one day after I came out from jacking off she said she wanted to tell me something and hoped I wouldn't get mad or hate her but she was leaving my first thought was now I can have you but said of course not. She said good and a few days later I get a call at the bar and she tells me I should go over . I get a cab ,stop for beer and passed out . Her neighbor came over and Wakes me up and then leaves. I still am getting my bearings and my sister in law comes and sits in a chair with her feet up and I can see her pussy and I sit up . She gets up and comes and sits next to me puts her feet up with her legs spread wide and pretends she's watching TV.
I'm instantly hard as a rock staring at her pussy I've never been this close to her and almost came on myself looking at it and it just came out, I said her name and she was turning cause she knew she was getting me to fuck her.we start making out and I can't believe this is happening and finally start feeling her ass as I'm kissing her and she's breathing harder . I can't take my eyes off her pussy as I start playing with her tits and run my hand down her arm grab her hand and put it on my rock hard cock , now she's really breathing hard and I finally run my hand down her leg and grab her pussy .
I couldn't believe she let me and I wasn't stopping I go to pull her shit up and she tells me it's a one piece so my hand goes right back on her pussy and I pull again and she stops me this time forcefully telling me it's a one piece but she said it like dont worry your gonna be sliding your cock in it!
We undress each other I'm completely naked she's in the one piece, her hand felt so good stroking my throbbing cock and when she sucked it I was in heaven.
I lay her on her back sticking her tits she's pushing her pussy against my cock and I'm dying to see her pussy so I start kissing down her body ,she pushes her hips so I can get her naked and I'm kissing slowly till I get my first look at her Bush and get her completely naked I'm looking down at her and she's horny as fuck and I start eating her pussy and banging her with my fingers she's loving it pulling my face into her pussy rubbing my cock with her foot .I can't take it anymore and ask if she's ready she tells me yes and I'm looking at my cock getting ready to go in her pussy . She goes crazy and I'm watching my cock slide in and out of her pussy asking if I'm big enough for her and she's moaning my name telling me yes .I fucked her against the wall , on the floor ,went in the shower and she finally takes me into the bedroom . I'm pounding her pussy and she finally said who would've thought we'd ever be doing this of all people and I'm still fucking her when there's a knock on the door and I jump up.she said what are you doing keep going put it back in so I do and she's loving it and I can tell she's getting off knowing I'm fucking her and have been for hours and my brother dont have a key knocking, when my nephew gets up and starts going to unlock the door .
We ended up fucking every chance we could which was daily , she never told me no and when I'd go over to fuck she would have shorts on with no panties , I get off to this day when I think of the first night I fucked her it was so fucking hot .we fucked for months . Yes this is a very true story and I'm rock hard 27 years later thinking about the first night I put my cock in her and how I use to jack off wishing that she'd let me stick my dick in her. Shed let me fuck her wherever we were and God she was fun to fuck .

17 days ago

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    • What you have no respect for your brother? Whether or not if she was leaving him or after she left him it is still a no fly zone asshole! If my brother did that to me we wouldn't speak again! But he wouldn't be able to speak for about 3 months because his jaw would be wired shut!

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