Upset the wife

We've had a friend of our daughter staying with us for a few weeks, until she can afford to move into an apartment. Her name is Patrice. She's 22 and has been working as a stripper in a local club. She's got a great bod, of course, but overall she's not my type, if that were even an option, as I've been married 20 years.

We hosted a small dinner gathering on Monday with a few of my friends and their wives. It was all pretty normal. Our friends are pretty average folks, and we're all in our late 40s and early 50s. Patrice was there too, as she had nothing to do that evening and had the night off.

Everyone was really curious about what Patrice's job was like, since none of us had ever been to a strip club. She was pretty open about discussing it, and we all enjoyed her stories about being a stripper. We were all drinking a little too much, especially me, and after one of her stories, I said somewhat jokingly, "Maybe you could give one of us a lap dance." My wife looked at me as though she had daggers coming out of her eyes, but Patrice just looked at me, laughed, and said, "If it's okay with her [i.e., my wife], I'll give you a quick one."

I asked my wife if it was okay, and she looked disgusted, but said, "Really? You want to do that? If you want one, go ahead. Whatever." I couldn't turn the offer down, and pretty soon Patrice set up a chair in the living room on which I could sit. A buddy of mine put on some music, and Patrice kicked off her shorts and was down to her lace thong. She then started rocking that booty of hers across my lap.

I was only wearing a t-shirt and loose fitting running shorts, and I was hard within seconds as she rubbed across my dick. It wasn't more than about two minutes into the lap dance that I started to lose it. I let out a deep exhale and started seeing stars. My wife said, "Oh my God, you didn't, did you?" I couldn't muster a reply, but yeah, I came in my shorts.

My guy friends laughed, but I could tell that their wives had a look somewhere between shock and disgust. My wife was mortified. After Patrice got off of me, I stood up and had jizz running out of my shorts and down my left leg.

I changed my shorts and the gathering continued as usual. After everyone left, my wife started to give me an earful about embarrassing her in front of our friends. She refused to talk to me for a couple of days. I told her that I couldn't help it, but she is like, "You didn't have to enjoy it that much, you fucking pervert." She is still really, really upset. Fuck. . . .

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  • You are a total idiot. Of course you knew that it would get you off, and you picked the absolute worst context in which to bust your nuts. You deserve every bit of the shit storm. If you would have asked her in private, she still probably would have done it and there would have been no issues.

  • I fear you may be on the wife probation list for a while

  • Tell the wife she's lucky you didn't embarrass any more than you did and that was nothing. Patrice was primed and ready for your cock to accidentally slip inside of her and if it did you would have fuck the shit out of her pussy with major cum shots from your bareback cock. Patrice would have been the one dripping cum. Your story is similar to one I witnessed some 20 years ago. It involved the gift of lap dance then ended up going over the top at a surprise birthday party. Will have to post that in and of itself sometime.

  • Yes, please, I want to read that story!

  • Tell your wife to cry a river,build a bridge and get the fuck over it.

  • You knew that your wife wasn't into having you get a lap dance to begin with, but you did it anyway. Sorry, but she has a right to be upset.

  • Throw a lamp at her, and tell her to lighten the fuck up.

  • #winning

  • What I did in the same type scenario didn't piss my wife off so much but hurt her. Sitting around laughing and drinking after a hot tub party with 4 other couples the subject of blow jobs came up. One of the woman said she could deep throat and tongue tickle any mans balls even Steve's (me)

    I am larger and obviously she can tell Im the largest one there including her husband sitting there. I smirked and she said you don't think so? She asked her hubby if he minded if she proved it to me and he said go ahead.

    I didn't even look at or check with my wife and in a flash she is deep throating me tickling my nuts with her tongue. She didn't go to completion but just a couple minuets to make her point. I didn't know anything was amiss with the wife what so ever.

    Two days later she told me it hurt her and she lost some love for me that night. I thought the same thing...OH FUCK!

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