I miss his ass

My most recent ex boyfriend was the most sexually open minded person I've been with and let me fulfill all my fantasies. The one I miss the most, and still masturbate often to, is how often I ate his ass. One of the first times it happened I was sleeping in his guest room (his room was too bright) and found myself extremely horny at 4 am, so I snuck into his bed, pulled his boxers down and started getting his dick hard. When he woke up and got hard, I licked him from his shaft down to his sweet hole and kept my lips and tongue on and in his asshole while he jerked off until he came on my face. Then I said goodnight, went back in the room and rubbed my pussy thinking about how deep I just got my tongue up his ass with his cum still all over my face. When we got more comfortable with the rimming I asked him to sit on my face, which turned into him first spitting on my face to get it lubricated then he would sit, and rub his ass all over my face. Sometimes I would stick my tongue out but I would mostly just lay there and enjoy it. He would slap my pussy, sometimes with a paddle, whenever he sat on my face. It was humiliating and so fucking hot. Another time he tied my hands to the bed and stuck my nose up his ass, it was such a turn on and I could lick his balls while my sniffer was up his asshole. I miss it so much, I think about calling him and asking him to use me just one more night.

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  • I love to fuck my girlfriend ass then lick my cum out. I love to do anything taboo.

  • Don't mind rimming but had an affair with a cute chubby who used me for it. We'd fuck after i did my duty. She'd stand, me on my knees, vibrator up her pussy. She loved humiliation. Once I could her neigbor girlfriend was watching. She said she always watches, she sets me up by the winow. Couple times I fucked her big tits while she rimmed me. She closed the drapes first.

  • After posting this I sent my ex a message and told him all the things I miss... The painal, I love when he controls my ass. He would tie my wrists to my ankles, face down ass up, and shove his cock up my asshole. He enjoys the noises of pain and discomfort I make. I told him I missed how naughty I felt when he slapped and spit on my face. Our favorite ending was he would cum up my ass in missionary position so he could choke, slap and spit on me. Then he puts a collar and leash on me and forces me into the bath tub, grabs my hair to keep my head in place, then power washes all the spit off my face with his piss. He told me to come pleasure him tomorrow night. I can't fucking wait

  • Don’t believe it

  • Don't really care lol I know my sex life

  • I love getting my ass licked. My girlfriend isn’t into it. I would love to have you as my girlfriend. U could do whatever you want to my ass. I’ll even let you peg my ass.

  • That's too bad, she's really missing out

  • You are a dream girl. Would you lick my asshole too?

  • Aww thank you :) I'd lick, kiss and suck your asshole for hours

  • Yes. Give me your contact info

  • Drrfiretto@gmail.com

  • I want my ass licked so bad

  • I honestly love licking a man's ass. Pleasuring him in such a dirty yet intimate way gets me so wet. Plus I love the taste, I always suck all the flavor off my tongue when I'm done

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