Pics of wife

My wife has a beautiful set of tits. Not really huge 34B but no sag at all and to me just perfect. I talked her into letting me take some pics of her topless and then with her totally naked.

I was on the computer one day and was on a site that guys were posting pics of their wives and I asked her if I could post some of her. She was a little hesitant at first but finally agreed. I posted some of her tits and some of her sitting with her legs crossed. Doing that got us both hot and we winded up on the floor fucking. The next day I went back to the site and there were numerous comments about how great her tits were and they wished she would have shown more of her ass, cunt and legs. When she saw this I asked her to pose in some erotic positions.

It wasn't long before she was letting me take pics of her in all positions and even some of her sucking my cock and fucking her. She was getting more and more comments abut how they would love to fuck her and telling her all the things they would love to do to her. We always winded fucking like rabbits after reading the comments.

This went on for a short while and we began discussing the possibility of her actually fucking someone else. We both agreed that we would try it with one of my good friends who she liked and I knew he had always wanted to fuck her. I made the arrangements and my friend jumped at the chance.

He came over one night and I grilled some steaks and after my wife and he went into the bedroom. She had set up a video camera so she would have it all recorded and she made sure my friend was okay with that. He told her sure but if she want I could come up and watch. This kind of made her hot thinking of me watching her fuck another man so she called me into the bedroom and told me their plans. Needless to say we all enjoyed it and we both winded up enjoying my wife too.

A few months have gone by since that time and I let my wife fuck all the guys she wants with me sometimes participating and other times not. When I'm not she tells me everything about what they did to her while we fuck. We have actually grown closer because of this and don't look to stop anytime soon.

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  • That's such on turn on. I like when my wife makes up stories about how she got fucked. Never did the real thing yet.

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