Love to Share Pictures of Wife

The thought of other men seeing my beautiful wife is hot. We are older but in good shape and my wife is one of those women that gets hotter the older she gets. Think Elizabeth Hurley, Jenny McCarthy, yummy.
Anyway, she has done professional boudoir photography and many sexy modeling pictures for me. She gets turned on being photographed and being sexy and naughty in the pictures.
She is extremely sexy and beautiful, but I think many times, what a shame that only us see these hot photos of her.
The other day I was looking at her sexy pictures where showing her body, and I started thinking of another guy seeing these. I thought of me ‘accidentally’ showing them to some younger guys. Found myself getting so turned on thinking about it can’t stop thinking about it!
We have talked of that during sex talk and it really turns her on. However after sex she makes sure to tell me, that was only fantasy talk and I do not have permission to share her sex pictures.
I don’t know what to think or do?
She is so turned on talking about showing her picture to hot men, and even having sex with multiple men. But after sex she makes specific points that only fantasies!
However, lately I have talked about sharing her pictures to some other guys and instead of cutting off discussing it immediately, she seems more intrigued and asking questions about how would I do it. But then cuts it off as fantasy talk only.
I am a little confused. I want to show off her hot pictures. All I can think about lately.
Any thoughts or advice?

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  • Love to see her photos please send record674@gmail thank you

  • I would let it go and just talk about it and fantasize. I do that and nobody gets hurt.

  • Send pics and vids to Please

  • Its clear she is smarter than you. She can see where all this is going but you can't. She knows that once you start showing her pics, men will be contacting you. Then you will want her to meet some where to talk things over. That will put both of you in a position to have a threesome or something . She knows there are men out there that she will not be able to resist. She knows there is the risk of her falling for one or more of these guys. Then where will you be?

  • Please send her nude pics to

  • Don't betray her. At least she is going along with this in bed.
    ...on the other hand. I like letting other guys I meet online jerk to my wife's pics and tell me the things they'd do to her. So I'm a hypocritte!

  • Send any videos or pics to

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