Well I am not much of a faithful guy but in all defense my wife has cheated on me a few times. I am a bar whore but male type. So I'm a fairly good looking guy 6 ft 200 lb average cock 6" hard but my tounge is a good 8" the jokes at the local bar if you know what I mean. Well I go to my local bar for lunch and to see the hot bartender. Well one of the regulars is there talking to two new girls I have never seen. He tells them see I told you one my buddy's would be walking in he 70 I'm 45 . He introduces me to them and I can tell the hot big tit one is looking me over i mean big double e . Small waist beautiful smile and well spoken . As we start to chum it up and drinks are flying hours have gone buy . Well the bartender ask me to show them my tounge I stick it out and the girls can't believe it . The hot one Carmen says I bet that goes way up there huh . I laugh and say you want to ride it she says maybe one day. So we are sitting there about 7 hours now and these girls are ready to go home but can't drive. So I say I will drive you guys home they have a look like they ain't sure . The bartender says I will voucher for him you could not be in safer hands. They say ok as we get in my truck ready to leave I say were to or who house. Carmen says we are dropping her off her friend first then I can give her a ride to her place. We drop her friend off and Carmen says maybe we can get a room .Well if course me being the gentleman I am I say sure. I take her to this cheap motel i know the owner he like 30 bucks you. We go in the room and she says she has to use the restroom. Well she comes out no bra big ass tits nice pointy nipples wearing black lace underwear. This woman had like a size 6 waist I was druling . As she gets in the bed she says hey honey you can cum in me if you like I have my tubes tied. My brain wants this bad but my cock ain't up fucking booze. I tell her get doggie style and slide her black panties of her bare ass showing and I feel her wet spot. Well I'm a pussy eater for sure I start licking her slowly and I can taste her nectar I say fuck it why not start rimming her ass she starts moaning reaches around and grabs her ass cheeks to spread them more I stick about 5 inches up her of my tounge and she moan start doing big stroke down to her pussy up to her ass. She moan like a mother fucker starts bucking and I know she wants cock but the fucker only half staff I go up and pop it In her pussy she ask what's wrong I fucken booze . She says no worries and spreads her ass so I start tossing that salad good she let's out a moan and starts cumming and I start licking it up . She let's her body fall on the bed and tells me to come up and kiss her. We make out I start feeding off these tits leaving hickies all over her chest and neck. Its 3 30 am now we crash I wake up about 5 am I say I got to go get up she was like take me to my car . As she looks in the mirror she says fuck my neck told her sorry heat of the moment. She said she had a state job has to call in now. As I drop her off and drive home wondering what i will tell my wife. I walk in she still in bed as i jump in the shower i can smell the pussy and ass on my face and breath. I brushed like 3 times mouth wash a few more. But you know once you eat that out it's going to linger. As I get out the shower my wife is up asking where I was told her drank to much passed out in truck did not want to drive. She gives me a look as I am getting dreesed I'm ready to walk out the door she says not a kiss good bye. As I give her a peck she stairs at me like she smells another pussy been around me. I walk out wondering what I will come home to later.


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  • Had a fling with this cute buxom babe in her early 40's. She's married too, determined to get a divorce. I'm sure my bikini babe wife would say she's fat but she's a total fuck machine. She has the perfect pussy, some would say a little big but I got a pretty big fat dick. The best part she shaves it clean just before we get together. Her natural nectar and shave cream smell taste like a vanilla milkshake. She's big enough to lick all over, never been that far up pussy. She cums 10x before I stick my dick in her. She text me later FREE TOMORROW? MY TREAT. Meaning she's paying for the room.
    She never had oral before, or gave it. Teaching a 42 year old blowjobs is just special.

  • That a boy

  • You are our hero!!!!

  • Are you Gene Simmons from Kiss? You should go to Guinness world records.
    Nick Stoeberl has the world's longest tongue. It measures 10.1 cm (3.97 in) from its tip to the middle of his closed top lip.
    You would hold the record by double.

  • Way longer then Gene .

  • You wish.

  • Ask your wife

  • Now I know you are a kid dumb fuck. If your gonna post a fake story you should look up facts so you story seems more believable stupid!
    I wasn't kidding when I told you that Nick Stoeberl has the world's longest tongue. At just under 4 inches. You can look that up just like I did idiot.
    8" Bull shit you would be able to touch the top of you head. And you truly would need a long dogs snout to store that 8" tongue.

    The dog record holder is Mochi St. Bernard.
    Mochi is a big St. Bernard girl. She is actually a record holder for the Guinness World Records. Mochi has the world’s longest tongue!
    Measured by a vet, it officially stretches to 18.58 cm or 7.3 inches!
    You can easily look that up But you'r to lazy to do so.

  • So first I have never measured it dick face. Second by the looks of Gene's mine is bigger I can touch my outer cheek where my jaw line starts. So I actually don't give a flying fuck about anyone else's tounge. In my late forties and had this tounge up a lot of pussy and ass. Instead of trying to see what other people have accomplished maybe you should get off your lazy or you just a fat slob and lazy . Do you even know how pussy taste like?

  • I have accomplished a lot in my life! But I don't go bragging about something that is ridiculously untrue. If you think your tongue is big then measure it! You might have a world record. Good luck with that part. This place is for true posts not ridiculous bull shit posts that are fake as all hell. Like yours! You called me dick face with that tongue you must have a dog face. So from now on you'r dog face.

  • Maybe you forgot Dick breath this site is called naughty post. I could of made some shit up about my cock but I did not cause my cock is average. So I thought why not about tongue somthing I have done. Don't go around saying people bull shiting if you don't know the facts.

  • You said your tongue was 8 inches! Was that a true statement kid? No So based on your thinking that you have a 8 inch tongue and a 6 inch cock and your tongue isn't even half that. I would be able to say your dick ain't even half of 6 inches so it must be around 2 1/2 inches. What do you think of that? Naughtyposts is for real stories not made up fake crap. Your's was way too easy to see that was fake as all hell.

    My first reply was a fairly nice reply just a little bit of calling you out and your reply was rude and fake too. Then you had to throw my wife in the mix. But still my replies where nice but calling you out, but you can't reply nicely !
    So the gloves are off and fuck you and your fake assed tongue, micro-dick. Since you make things up that are so unreal you must be a virgin that don't know shit. Speaking of shit you would stick your fake assed tongue in someones ass! Wow you are so gross it's pathetic. You are a fucking kid that watched too much porn.

  • Hahaha who pathetic your pissed cause you ain't got any life experiences. Just you and your blow up doll at home. Small pencil dick when the last time you talked to a women beside your mother? Dude get a life wait some pussy and not your blow up doll. Difference between me and you I will please a woman even if it means tossing the salad. Later losers

  • I talk to my wife of 30 years everyday. You got nothing kid you haven't grown up. You think you know it all but you don't know shit. You wrote a story that was so unbelievable it was pathetic. Then when called out on it you went nuts and threw insults. All you had to say it was fantasy and the 8 inch tongue was a typo or mistake. but thats kids for you. They never admit to their mistakes. Virgin ass hole.

  • Stop being a bitch dude sounds like he has a big tuonge.

  • Nice Try ass hole you don't have a big tongue or dick either. They are both classified as micro size. fuck head

  • Dude you keep referring to dick. It sounds like you got some issues down there. Sad sad man

  • Does cock make you feel better ass fuck

  • Ask your wife how's my cock taste.

  • Why no girl has giving you a blow job snowflake? Poor little kid with a tiny cock never got laid. With that 8 inch tongue you should know how it tastes, or is it that tiny you can't reach it with that long tongue!!

  • When you look at your remember she had another cock 8n that mouth. Tongue up that ass and another cock not yours. She got you caged little sissy cock you got. Just look at her she laughs at your 2 inch peker


  • You still sniveling cuckie fag can't get no pussy you no you ain't married.


  • Hey dick breath you still banging your blow up doll

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