Breeding my sister-in-law

Recently, I shared a little bit about my sexy brunette SIL. There's definitely a spark between us- but we haven't let the spark turn into a raging conflagration, as yet.

It's really tough being around them at family gatherings, because of my memories of the night we almost f**ked. She kisses as good as she looks, and I just know that s*x with her would be the best I could ever experience. We're careful to keep our emotions in check whenever we're around family.

She and BIL have a young daughter; she would like to have another baby while she can do so, safely, but BIL doesn't want any more kids. I love kids, and would like to see SIL have another- she's a good mom to her daughter.

My work requires that I travel each month to attend various seminars; in the near future, I'll be attending one within an hour of where SIL lives. My fantasy that I'm seriously contemplating, is to let her know in advance, so she can plan a 'getaway with her girlfriends' as an excuse to spend these days with me. I want to consummate the mutual passion we share and experience what I know will be the greatest pleasures I'll ever know. I want to tell her that I will give her our lovechild, so she can have the baby BIL won't give her. I want to experience torrid lovemaking with her and see her c*m repeatedly on my c*ck; I want to see her lose control when I tell her I'm breeding my baby into her fertile womb. I want to make her fantasize about how our baby will look- what he or she will be like. I want her to dream about nursing our baby while I suckle her breasts as I pound away in her tight p*ssy. I want to make this happen for us.

1 month ago

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    • I took molly with my wife and her sister a year ago. My wife told me that she would let me fuck her sister without a condom on but I would have to be careful not to get her pregnant. Once the molly hit us it didn't make a difference. I got them both pregnant. Lol. I'm still with them both

    • Man I'd love to give my wife's cousin Tiffany babies upon babies! I want to continuously breed her!

    • My dad got my wife preggo, so I did my step mom who’s about my age and got her preggo too. So now it’s even. We talked it out and agreed to keep it secret.

    • I love it!! Id love to impregnate my wifes step mom! Id fuck that Mexican pussy right infront of my wife's father..that fat fuck!

    • Put dat carne asada burrito rite in dat tuna taco

    • To my wife's sister Jennifer! I still want to impregnate u! Idgaf that ur husband knows! Let that drunk continue playing his video games while me and u get to love making! Ive always pictured u pregnant with my baby! Tell ur husband to contact me if he wants to hash this out! Maybe even defend u!?! I doubt it! For years I wanted to fuck u raw in secrecy! But since I've lost respect for that pussy! Let him stay downstairs playing video games and we go upstairs making babies while he is still in the house IDGAF!

    • I really like your attitude, and I love how much you love jennifer. She's lucky to have a man like you in her life, and I hope that she soon begins to reap all them benefits of your love for her, emotionally, physically and reproductively. You've been incredibly patient and you deserve to see her at family gatherings, filled up with your baby. And I hope you and she won't stop at just one. There's NOTHING sexier than a married lady carrying a baby for a man she's not married to. How much does Jennifer know about your desires for her and your wish to have a super sexy secret family with her?? So you talk to her about it?

    • Hell yes!! We have talked about it! We live in a small town in Mississippi! It really is hot getting close to her!

    • If her stupid husband isn't taking care of her needs and fulfilling her desires, then you SHOULD take up the mantle and give her what she wants, from simple arousal and satisfaction all the way up to making babies with her. It's clear that this isn't mere lust for you: what you feel for her is obviously real true love. I wish you the best in your relationship, and in hope you and she have lots of babies.

    • Me too! I appreciate it! Hopefully one day soon we take our sexual frustrations out on eachother! And I am Game!!

    • The Mighty anti incest warrior will certainly have something to say about this, your a jerk.

    • I bred my MIL. But she aborted it.

    • Id love to make my whore MIL breed too!

    • That’s too bad; you sell babies for good money! The little white ones anyway.

    • My ex SIL would flirt with me. She saw my dick coming out of the shower at pool party "wow, you got a license for that magnum. Lucky Lynn (wife), poor me." Out pecks on the cheek were on the lips when alone. Left alone in the house once we made out, sucked her gorgeous D cups, fingered her a little, then she pushed my had away. She fake scolded me "you are so fucking bad, can't believe you fingered me." But she liked it. I see her 5 years after they divorce. We get a room and fuck like porn stars. "I'm married again, this is a one time bucket list check for both of us -- thanks." I tell her my brother bragged about her blowjobs, "that SOB said that, I wish I could take a picture of me sucking your dick and send it to him. But I won't -- how about a blowjob anyway?"

    • I want to fuck and impregnate my sister in law also!! She would look soo hott with my cum all over her face and exploding out if her holes! Be mad! Her husband big mad! Doesn't mean it isn't going to happen! We makin babies over here!

    • Her husband is big mad? Well maybe he will kill both of you. What is big mad?

    • Haha no her husband is a pussy! Id bust inside of her and force his ass to watch lmao

    • Id love to put my lubed up thick dick in her ass!! Then release the cum that impregnated her sister years ago!!

    • Yeah! Make her get abortions and then do it again!

    • Do it! She needs your seed! Make sure she is ovulating and good and fertile! You’ll love it!

    • Yes, absolutely! Plan it with her in advance. Tell her frequently how badly you want her and ache for her and how much you are looking forward to seeing her and making a baby with her, a real living measure of the love the two of you have for each other.

    • Yes! She knows ill tackle her down and dick her down as I laugh as the joker! As I release my seed into her ill look at her fat smelly drunk husband and laugh as I yell "I fuckin told u I was gonna impregnate ur wife!! None yall believed me!! I knew i was gonna get my SILs pussy mouth and ass!!"

    • So you both are scumbags and know it. As you keep your feelings in check around your families.
      You both know if your relationship was exposed it would bring serious family issues and friends. You idiots are willing to risk all that for lust and sex.

      Now you want to bring an illegitimate child into the picture. You either don't think or care what divorce or the exposure of the illegitimate child will do to the child and rest of the children.
      Never mind the relationship you have with your family and friends. If you where my brother and did all that I probably would shoot the both of you.

      You know that's below a scumbag making you worse then scumbags. Losers.

    • Although no one in the family ever knew, my third child (of four) wasn't fathered by my husband, she was technically illegitimate even though my husband's name went on the birth certificate as her father. Only my best girlfriend knew about the true paternity (the bio father never even knew) and only she knew that that was my favorite of all my kids.......... by far. But I can tell you that the Illegitimate pregnancy made me feel unbelievably sexy and delightfully trashy the whole time! It was a a nasty secret I carried inside of me for nine months and then gave birth to and then continued to hide from everyone. The actual father was not a part of the family (not even by marriage, like this), but the memory of my adultery was a special treasure in the child it produced.

    • Just like you shot your own mother?

    • She deserved it. She wouldn’t put out for me.

    • Thank you for giving the green light to our desires. When rapists like you outline all of the possibilities it puts everything in perspective.

      Thanks again!

    • Lmfao! Sounds like you need some family pussy! It feels so fucking good!

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