My hot neighbor

When I was 14 I lived in a house where my backyard connected with the neighbors backyard behind me. My neighbor I’m gonna call him S Lived there. He was a 17 yr old white boy that went to school with me. I’m black. I thought he was so hot but I never had the guts to tell him. Every day I would mast****** thinking about him. One day I opened my back door with nothing but a robe on and played with my p**** hoping he would see me. I did that often until we moved a year later. He never said anything. I wonder if anybody in that house saw me.

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  • God I hope so seem to try putting on a "great" show ..revealing your beautiful "black" p - ssy .

    You were only 14 years old and you had and probably still have terrific wild hormones making you one lovely horny person.

    Your backyard being connected with the neighbors meaning ( his ) backyard . Your neigfhbot being 17 years old a bit older by 3 years ...maybe he saw you and your fabolous naked body and p*ssy.

    Never having the guts to tell him you liked him ..too bad ...You did allow yourself to day dream about him every day and mast****** thinking about him.
    Opening your door and with nothing on but a mere robe

    One day I opened my back door with nothing but a robe on and playing with your p**** ( heck I would run over to you and full around with you and your "hot and sexy body".if I was there ) .....You hoping the neighbor boy would see you
    You wondering if he ( or ) if anybody in that house saw you,..well to bad you were not my neighbor !!!

  • That young neighbor certainly missed out on one hot beautiful Ebony girl. Still dream about him every now and then or any one else?

  • I used to suck my neighbor through the fence. You didn’t try hard enough.

  • I used to do that too!

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