Taunting my husband

Seeking advice from other wives, mothers, grand mothers, my husband was my first and only lover, his was the first penis that I touched, sucked, and let make love to me. Married many years and I am lucky in so far as he has been a good provider, and has always made sure I climax before he does.

Now the advice bit, recently he has requested that I berate and taunt him on his performance in bed, when he knows that I am satisfied?

I have told him that he is all I could ever want, however he wants me to belittle him in bed and taunt him on the size of his cock?

After a trip away with my girl friends, on my return, he was almost begging me to tease and taunt him, so I had a go. I told him that he was a useless lover, I Lied, I told him I had never climaxed whilst he was making love to me, I lied, I told him my lovers were much more endowed and their cocks were much bigger than his, I lied.

I waited for the response, he looked at me, said thank you, turned me over and kissed my bottom, now he had never done this before, I was a little embarrassed to say the least, it was not unpleasant and the more he did it the more it turned me on. I was laying on my tummy with my legs open, he put 2 pillows under my hips to raise my bottom and continues kissing and licking my rose bud. It was a new experience for me.

Not sure how long this continued for, but eventually he flipped me over and told me to straddle him and get on top, I did and he told me to ride him.

I could feel his hands on my bust and bum and I was able to control the depth and speed on his penis in my pussy. I continued to tell him he was a useless lover and how small his cock is and told him all the dirty things I had been up to on my trip to Vienna. I am not sure if he was loving me telling him, however I rode him for 30 minutes and came on his cock multiple times.

My words had turned him on, now, they were lies, does he know they were lies? I don't know, but ladies do I continue with the charade or nip it in the bud, however I did enjoy him licking and kissing my bottom.


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  • Lies usually turn around and bite you in the ass.

  • Is it working for you ? Is it working for him ? If the answer is "Yes !" then, why in the fuck are you overthinking things and coming on here and asking advice on something that's not a problem ?

  • You need to flirt with another man, that will make him feel inadequate.
    Peeing on him, make him drink while he licks your anus out

  • I have been making up tales, however I do not feel comfortable and it's embarrassing for me, I have read some women's magazine's about married women who have had affairs and have adapted their stories and related these to my adoring husband, it just gets him so excited, why would my husband get excited thinking his wife had been mounted and fucked by other men and women?

  • He knows his place in the world, he adores you and wants you pleasured in so many ways, this benefits both of you.

    He wants you to be with an alpha male your relationship will be so much greater than you ever imagined

  • Sounds like he is a closet sissy. He probably wants you to dress him like a slut and use toys and strapons on him. He would probably love to hear you telling him how sexy he would look sucking on a well endowded stud while you watch. Don't ask me how I know these things lol.

  • How cool that you did this for him!
    You are a keeper. Many women would be repulsed at the societal view and care more about that then thier husbands fantasy.
    Tell him. But continue to indulge the roleplay.

  • Just tell him the truth and let it go.

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