I’m a sick man

I took a homeless druggie home and turned her into a sex slave. I’d feed her, supply her drugs and give her a some shelter for a few weeks. During this time I was very mean. I’d keep her locked in shelter in the back (i live on a farm) while my family was home and allow her inside when they went to school/work. I’d pee and poop on her everyday making her clean me afterward with her tongue. Every time I had to had to fart or poop I’d wait a while and force her to suck it out of me. The last week I had huge dildo delivered and would shove in her butt. I would make her hold her poop for days then shove the dildo in her butt to push the poop deeper back in her then tape the dildo to her for a few hours till I went back to completely drain her hole. It would be a like mountain of poop afterwards. The last day I had her hold her poop 4 days then made her anal fuck my horse. The horse went so deep in her she passed out with poop just spraying everywhere while she laid on the ground. Being scared, I dropped her off back where I found her a few weeks ago unconscious and never heard a word again. I do know for a fact she lived cause I’ve seen her many times afterwards but she walks with a limp now hehe wonder why 😏

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  • Boy… sick.

  • Why would you do that to a horse? It may get an infection.

  • Well we know 2 things. You have a pee poop fetish and your full of BS

  • So...... What part of that makes you a sick man?

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