Naughty photoshoots

Been looking for somewhere to confess this for a while, and also to see if anyone else does the same! ;)

When my wife goes to visit her sister for the weekend I arrange photo shoots with amateur models from a well known website.

I’ve got two types of girls I like, slim/skinny 18-25yr olds with small boobs and tiny little bums, or girls with fake boobs! There’s something about a pair of big fake tits I just love!

I usually book girls who specify on their profile they’re happy to pose topless, and if a new girl adds a profile where she agrees to do ‘open leg’ I’ve even got an alert setup!

After doing this for about a year, I was feeling very horny during a shoot with one very slim brunette, “tally” who I’d been trying to book for sometime.

I’d had a bit of luck earlier in the week (won £1700 on a friends racehorse!) so thought I’d try my luck and ask Tally if she’d give me a handjob at the end of the shoot. Cocky I know!

Once I finally got the balls to ask I instantly regretted it as she looked at me so disgusted saying “no, I don’t do that!”.

£450 extra later Tally had her 19yr old fingers wrapped around my erection and she was wanking me off all over a photo of her sister in law who had fake boobs!

I’ll never forget that “photoshoot” tally, thank you!

John, 64.

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  • My first wife used to model for clothing advertisers. She had a great figure and also modeled women's underware. There were times she would come home all messed up, you know, hair out of place, no undies, that kind of thing. I questioned her about that but she never admitted to doing anything wrong. However the clues were there and she always seemed to have lots of cash and was out allot, Always seemed to come home late to often. It was only after we divorced that she admitted she was fooling around for cash. Stupid me!

  • When I was a cute little 13 year old I modeled for a guy who said he was going to turn me into a super teen model. He was in my pants, or should I say panties by the 3rd photo shoot.

  • I did a photo shoot once with a guy I met off a website. He was a older white meanwhile I was a young black girl. He had me come over when his wife and kids were gone. We writing his basement where he had a whole set up. We took some shots of vodka I got undressed and we did the shoot. I could tell he was getting h****. He was red and sweaty. Everytime he wanted me to switch positions he would caress my butt and boobs. After the shoot I knew he wanted to have s** but he was scared to ask. But I did let him feel my p****

  • You should have performed oral sex on him and gobbled down his warm cum rope! Haha!

  • For my 10th weeding anniversary my husband and I went and had a professional photographer take provocative pictures of us. We started with nude photos and then moved to sex photos. It was really awkward at first letting a stranger take close up photos of my vagina. Fortunately I had relaxed some by the time he started taking close up photos of my husband cock inside me. It was crazy, but I would do it again.

  • Would you be willing to let me see them? Please email me

  • What’s in it for me? Would need to be verrrrry good.

  • Oh I can be verrrry good. Please email me and I'll tell you.

  • Wife did all sorts of modeling. She had a trusted agency -- she did everything from coats, dresses, tops, bra and panties. She did nudes for the local college art class. We bought a big house and she decided to moonlight for topless photos -- model friend said these shutter bugs are thirsty for fresh girls -- big bucks to be made. She always took me along to them. I see when they felt weird with me there so I would tell her to get sexy, have fun. Then they would feel more comfortable telling her the same. 50 years ago and it's fun seeing some on the internet today.

  • What website?

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