Years in the making

When I was younger I met this girl at a concert and we hit it off. I took her back to my hotel room that night and had sex with her. Next day she went on her way and me on mine.

About 5 years later, some buddies and I were at a strip club. It's the kind that has women on one side and men on the other. Anyway, on our way out we ran into a bachelorette party that was leaving the other side. I bumped into one of the older ladies who was around 40's.. I apologized, we started talking, and next thing I knew she was at my place fucking. We both knew it was a one night stand, so said our goodbyes.

Probably 3 years after that incident I was on assignment for work and had to go into the city. While I was there I was staying in a hotel and eating dinner at a close by restaurant. I met a girl there and we struck up a conversation. She followed me back to the hotel where we had amazing sex. We had sex ever night while I was in town. Then we said our goodbyes and left.

About 4 years later I met a girl in my hometown and we hit it off. She was amazing and perfect. We started dating and eventually moved in with each other. A year in I knew she was the one so I proposed to her. She was so excited that she wanted us to announce it to her family together, her family that I had yet to meet. Mother, father, and 2 sisters.

We were to go into the city and stay with her parents, then dinner, then the announcement. When we got to her parents house I was shocked to see her mother was the woman I had sex with the night after the strip club. I shocked further when her sister showed up and she was the one I had sex with on assignment. I was shocked even further when her other sister showed up to the dinner and she was the girl I had sex with after the concert.

Needless to say I had private conversations with all three of them separately where we decided silence is best. What are the odds that I would end up marrying a women who I had sex with her mother and two other sisters? The most shocking one though is her mother. She cheated with me on her husband who is now my father inlaw. Nothing like keeping it in the family I guess.

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