How many women liked to be rimmed?

I’ve been with my share of women and girls over the years and it’s been my experience that some want their ass rimmed but are to shy to ask..

I’ll be down their licking them and they’ll lift their hips up high enough so the tongue will reach their butt hole, I never mind going in and around after it’s soaked with their juices but I’ve never started out doing that.

Some of them would say let me turn over after their all wet, now what do you suppose they want? I mean what are you going to do just lick around it?

My ex wife used to say “let me turn over” and I’d just tease her, licking the crack and going around it, I’d make her earn it... if she wants it licked she’d have to find the spot were my tongue is...after awhile of teasing she’d move her butt hole right to it... bingo and the loud moaning would begin and she’d have explosive orgasms.

Then she’d roll back over and I’d slip my hard cock in her soaked warm wet pussy, that’s the point were you could hear sloppy wet fucking. All the juices and her cum slapping between our bodies as I pounded her pussy...

This kind of great sex going on and she still felt the need to masturbate almost daily...Hungarian women, a constant flowing vagina with a insatiable need.

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  • My wife loves it. We haven't bought toilet paper in years, we just lick each other clean. The C-Dif and E-Coli infections are a bitch, but that's just part of life for a shit licker. Happy rimming, you sick fucks.

  • I love being rimmed. It feels so awesome a nice warm wet tongue on my asshole. Problem is my stupid boyfriend doesn't like to do it. I mean I even clean my hole up before hand washing it with soap and water. He still is just a pussy of a man. I think I will just leave him and find a lover who will take care of my needs. Yeah fuck that fat asshole. I suck his cock for him and what do I get. Nothing that's what. He doesn't even eat my twat and it smells great. Not even the slightest hint of urine.

  • It’s tough to do find the balance of a good man that also enjoys hot sex...
    Happy hunting.

  • I love to eat ass. After licking and fingering my girlfriend I flip her over and spread her cheeks and stick my tongue in her ass. She never had it done before but she loves it. She gets onto her knees and sticks her ass in my face. Then I’ll get on top of her and fuck her ass and she loves it. She tells me don’t take it out. “I want you to cum in my ass”. I got her rimming me too which I love. I also tell her to stick her finger in my ass and massage my prostate. I love it.

  • The prostate cum, if done properly, wow... the whole body shakes and pre cum comes squirt out. Every women should learn how to do this for her man, he’ll never leave her. There are excellent new male shaped toys now that are fool proof.

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