I saw you looking and I liked it.

The house next door sat empty for about a year then a handsome older man moved in. I saw him a couple of times and for some reason I felt tingly each time. Both of our houses are two story and close to each other. One day as I was dressing for school a movement caught my eye and as I turned to face the window I saw the blinds move across the way. I didn't bother to close my curtains but went on dressing and that night I purposely left the curtains opened slightly and undressed for bed. Then the next day I opened the curtains and acted as though nothing happened and dressed for school. I did this same thing for about a month before I saw him one Saturday morning. I was sitting on the steps of our porch and had on a skirt. He saw me and started walking toward me. My skirt was up showing a lot of leg and I couldn't help but notice where his gaze was. We made small talk and then he left. Now my problem;

My pussy gets wet when I dress and undress in front of the windows. I want him to take me and do sexual things with me but I don't know how to approach him or to let him know I am interested. As i am writing this I am already soaking my panties.

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