Teenager behind me

I live in a good area but the houses are pretty close together and the neighbors behind me have a teen age son. I am in my mid forties and one morning I was walking from my bedroom to the bathroom and noticed him sitting there staring out his window towards me. I probably should have not done anything but part of me was a little turned on thinking that he wants to look at me.
It was a few days later and when I was going to bed I did not close my curtains so when I woke up in the morning I would not have to open them up. I turned over in bed and did not turn on any lights, I looked towards his window and sure enough he was sitting there waiting for me to get up. I slipped off my sleepwear and then turned on my bedside light and just laid there for a moment. I did a long stretch pulling the covers off my breasts and then stood up fully nude and walked to the bathroom to shower.
When I was finished showering I peeked thru the edge of my curtain to see if he was still there and he was, I thought to myself this is one bored guy. I walked around my room with just a towel wrapped up in my hair and did my normal morning routine of make up and hair then got dressed. I could see him in my dresser mirror moving around some but still just watching me.
It was a big turn on and I thought maybe later that night I would give him a good show, when I was getting ready for bed I once again looked at the edge of the curtains to see if I could spot him in his room. The first night I could not tell if he was there or not so I just went to bed but a few nights later I saw him again so I walked around nude for a bit then laid down on my bed and began reading a book. I slid the covers down a little and started playing with a nipple then a few minutes later got fully uncovered and started rubbing away on myself. I had no idea if he was still watching me or not but when I finished up and turned off the light I did see some movement over at his window.

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  • You should wait until his family is gone and then go over there and ask him to go in. You should strike up a conversation with him and slowly lead him to ask about you and your sex life, then go up to his room and give him a close-up show. Don't fuck him unless you are both comfortable with it.

  • What are you hoping this leads to?
    Him knocking on your door ?

  • Maybe she just enjoys being seen that way.

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