Neighbors wife

I helped out my neighbor about ten years ago all the time, they have moved since then so have not seen them in a few years now. He was a good guy just not very reliable sometimes and borrowed stuff all the time. His car broke down once and he was really bummed because he told me as we were working on it that it was going to have to sit in the garage because he did not have the money to pay for the parts. I told him no problem I will pay for the parts and he could pay me back, well weeks turned into a few months and no money but I did not let it bother me.
I was home one day and his wife walked over and we talked for a few minutes then she asked me straight out if he had ever paid me for the car parts. I told her the truth and also told that I was not worried about it, she stood there staring at me for a few seconds then out of no where tells me she will do anything I want her to do for paying me back. I think I sort of chuckled a little bit because the first thing I thought of was sex but I did not bring that up at all and told her that I really did not have anything for her to do. She started naming off stuff like house cleaning, windows and then she tells me sex is even on the table, she told me again that she would do whatever I wanted her to do.
I told her again that I was not worried about it and things like this never work out well so I really do not think having sex would be a good idea. She was persistent as hell and flat out told me right there in my garage that if we went into the house right now she would give me a blow job. I was single and it had been quite some time since I even dated anyone let alone had sex, not that I would have loved to have it but I just did not want a woman in my life at the time.
I looked at her for a second then put down what I was working on and walked towards the door to my house, she followed me right inside and closed the door behind her. I stopped in the kitchen and she looked at me then at the floor and asked me if we could at least go into the living room where there was carpet. I took off my shoes and walked into the living room, she followed me right in there and when I turn around she knelt right down on the floor and began undoing my pants while looking up at me. I have only been with three women in my life before her and all of them have told me that I have a really thick cock and it is about seven inches long, I have to admit that my fingers do not touch my thumb wrapped around it when I am hard but not having ever compared to other cocks just figured that is how they are built.
When she pulled down my boxers and began gripping it she sort of looked it over and sucked on it for a minute then she looked up at me and told me that I have a huge cock, actually I think she said penis but who cares. I just stood there staring down at her thinking holy shit, she is really sucking on my cock. She then started playing with my balls and told me they were big also then she sucked on me a few more times and told me she hoped it did not get much bigger. I stood there watching her head move all over the place until like five minutes later when I felt like I was going to orgasm, I asked her if she wanted to swallow and she began moaning and kept on sucking so I took that as a yes and let it go. She swallowed it down and sucked me for a few more minutes which was awesome.
She stood back up while I was buttoning myself up and then she walked over to the kitchen sink, she washed her face off along with her hands so I pulled a fresh towel out for her. She looked at me with a smile on her face and asked how that was, I told her absolutely great or something like that because honestly it was the first time any woman had sucked me while I was standing and it had been a while. She told me great, glad you liked it then with a smile on her face she asked me if tomorrow around the same time was good for her to come back. I looked at her with a surprised face for sure and thought to myself no way she is going to do that again but the next day around the same time there she was walking down my driveway.
We went into the house and she did the same thing again draining me right in my living room, I even asked her when we were walking in if she wanted to go back to the bedroom but she told me that the living room was fine. I was totally amazed at her and loved watching her sucking on me with such enthusiasm but I had to ask her on like the forth day why she was doing this. She told me that her husband was a jerk for not paying me back so she was planning on coming over as often as she could and doing whatever I wanted her to do until I he paid me back. I told her that this was not going to work out well because things like this never do and I sure as hell did not want a mad husband at my door one night. She stopped sucking on me and told me that when I did not want her coming over anymore all I had to do was say so.
It was the best two years or so of my entire sex life, now I will say that she did not come over everyday during that time but there were months where it was every day, even on the weekend but she did it really early in the morning because he always slept in and I was an early riser. Some mornings it was only a few minutes after my lights went on and I would hear her knocking. He never paid my any money back but I could have cared less because she was incredible no matter what we did when she came over.
One other thing she did that just amazed me was that she would get naked and bend over grabbing her ankles and spreading her legs out a little. She would tell me to fuck her as hard as I wanted to and not to pull out, she would moan and gasp and scream out Oh my god over and over while I pounded away on her. She was always willing to give me a blow job but I truly loved having sex with her, super nice body and boobs were so firm.

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