The excitement of watching my wife with other men

Just want to share my desire for watching my wife having sex with other man.
It has been going on for over 15 years.
It started after she had a 6 month long affair with another guy with my permission.
At the time when she told me she had been chatting to this handsome guy 5 years younger than she is, that she meets for lunch breaks at the usual small dinner she goes regularly for lunch.
It started as good company for a lunch break chat to exchanging more and more details about themselves until the day she realized she was attracted to him in a way that made her feel that she needed to take it to a different level. At that stage she felt it would be unfair doing this behind my back and she explained to me what she felt about him and what for her was going to mean. I agreed with it, at that time I thought it was better she had the courage to share it with me rather than running to some hotel with this guy and have sex with him without me knowing. I supported her, but not without so many reservations.
Fortunately she kept me in the loop and we had this open mind relationship that allowed me to live her own experiences with him through the details she narrated to me after every time they were together.
I learnt how to cope with all of this and when they got tired of each other she needed to experience further with other men which I didn't oppose and since then, it has been a way of life for us.
I have even became friends with some of her boyfriends and even shared our home with some of those boyfriends throughout the years.
I have not a single issue with this but I always asked myself, if there are other couples like us?
we tried to join some swingers sites and even attended a few swingers parties, none of us really enjoyed that life style, for me I only want to be with her, for her those parties meant little regarding what she looks in other men for fun. she prefers going through the meeting a guy, get to know him a little and discover what he is like in bed afterwards. No strings attached, it is just fun as she puts it. I have had the pleasure of watching her with other men, most of it from a spot in our balcony where I can hide and watch, without anyone noticing me, a few allowed me to be in the room without interfering and watch. I am so proud of my wife, the way she conducts herself with her boyfriends, the way they seem to appreciate her sexually and otherwise.
Please don't judge, just tell me if there are other couples like us around?


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  • More couples are into this than you would believe. Me and my wife have been married for a long time now. She's had many one night stands. She's had boyfriends that lived with us. Ive watched her many times having sex with men. She's not a shy woman. For me it's a turn on. Im not a sissy guy or anything like that. But I hear her moaning loudly. And she's calling a guy baby seeing her pussy gripping around a guy's cock. Seeing her body start quivering when she is cumming on his cock. Listening to her telling him not to stop. Her begging for him to cum in her. I can't help but get turned on by that. Ans she knows that it turns me on. With her fucking other men I want her more than anything. It's just sex so have fun with it.

  • When I met mine, she had a live-in boyfriend. I was one of her side guys and since I wasn't thinking of her seriously, I didn't care. Other side guys came and went but since I wasn't around her much I hardly noticed.

    When she broke up with her BF she asked to move in with me. I agreed. Sex with her was MUCH more often but we still weren't exclusive. Many a time I'd come home or wake up to realizing that fact all too vividly. At the time it bothered me but I'd always talk myself down and make certain she saw I was still 'fine' with it. During this time I found out she and her bff traded off helping each other with threesomes on occasion. With her living with me her friend wanted to know if she needed her for a threesome with me. That was when I first got mine.

    During this time we started doing the MFM threesomes too. This was the first time I saw her with other men up CLOSE. It was a little too homoerotic for my comfort but I liked it enough to keep doing these with her. Slowly the fmf and mfm and her slutty ways left, but we were together. Separate rooms but together every day.

    One evening she asked me what I wanted for my birthday. I wasn't fully sober so I blurted out that I wanted to come home to find her nude, messing around with a man in the living room and hold a perfectly wholesome conversation with me while still getting it on. When he finally leaves, it is my turn with her. She did. She still does and we've been together for more than 30 years.

  • I love your story.
    I feel that if we ever met we could be good friends.
    Keep it up both of you.
    It is so rewarding knowing ones wife is happy about her sexuality and may enjoy exploring all her desires and fantasies as much as we can.
    It is liberating and I am proud of being her husband and knowing how much other men enjoy with her what I have enjoyed for so many years myself...

  • What works beat for us is she dates guys, she’s allowed to go out weds and Saturday nights only. She goes out with guys and it usually only lasts a month or so. She comes home and tells me what they did and we have sex or she strokes or blows me. She loves getting dressed up, anticipating the date. I love that she keeps herself up now, working out and dressing sexy all the time now that’s she’s “available”. Also, she’s opened up sexually so much that now there are no limits at all. It’s been about 4 years with this arrangement, she’s 41, and better in bed than ever and sexier than ever now. The occasional heartbreak is a little rough, but she gets over it quick with a new guy.

  • Loved it when my wife was fucking other guys

  • I am 45 my wife is 60 . Big difference but a few time a year we do a mmf three some with a younger bi guy. I am bi two years ago she caught me jerking to mmf bi sexual three way porn in panties and that is how this all started. I look forward to the two or three times a year we do it. If you do it as a threessone I guess it is fine.

  • I have only been seriously involved with 4 women in my life. The last one had had several affairs on me, and I hated her for cheating on me. When we finally called it quits, I swore I would never again be with a woman that cheated. The second I find out my girlfriend cheated, I voted I will leave for good.
    Enter serious girlfriend number 4. She and I date for 2 years and decided to get married. Marriage for 3 years and baby arrives, then 2, and finally 3. Twenty years down the road our youngest one leaves for college and we're empty nesters. Wife and I start having more sex now that we're alone. I realize I kind of miss the cheating my ex did to me all those years ago. I ask my wife if she ever cheated in the 22 years we been together. Nope, never have. It's okay, if you have I won't be mad. Nope, never, not even one little kiss with someone else. Do you want to fuck another guy, NOPE. And don't even ask, I'm not doing it.

  • You know, I sense you would love to see your wife having sex with someone else, pity you are afraid to ask her. For me since we opened up about this, we have had the most memorable years together, I don't do other girls myself, in fact I am bi and I prefer to be with guys where I play the passive submissive guy and my partners play the active dominant role, this is where I am comfortable with other people, I love having sex with my wife, but I don't feel the same urge for other women, but I cannot live without having sex with other guys. She knows all about this and she supports me in my sexual need to be with other men, while she loves flirting and hook up with guys she has an attraction for and has sex with them when she feels like it, then she telss me all the details (or at least the broader lines of those details) and I get very excited and have the most wonderful sex with her.

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