I am perverted

I am a nlack guy and this is a fantasy of mine which has stayed with me for decades. In my fantasy I am laying on a plush carpet in a hotel room. Five women show up together and proceed to chain me to the floor. They all strip naked and my dick gets hard as I gawk at those women. Each of them had big asses and tits with nipples that stick out like erasers. Their areolae were wide. They all had large bald pussies. Two were black, one was asian, one was white and one was hispanic. They would line up and one by one they would take turns facing my feet and riding my face. While riding they would alternate teasing my dick and tickling my nipples which are super sensitive.. By the time the last one finished riding my face it looked like a glazed donut. By this time my dick is so hard it looks as though it would split.

At this point the white woman goes over to a table bends over it, reaches back and pulls her pussy lips apart, smiles back at me and says," Hey, how would you like some juicy white pussy?". At this point I am so lust filled to stick my dick in that hot hole I start begging the other women to unbind me. They just laugh at me and my engorged dick. The black woman goes over to the table. On top is a shorter table which she climbs upon and lays down on her back raising her legs into stirrups. She pulls her black pussy lis apairt and lets me see the pink inside. I begin thrashing around to get free. One of the remaining three women says, "Ready for Heaven? Then go get it you pervert!" They release me and I growled like a demon grabbed my horny dick and rush towards the table. The white woman's pussy hole winked at me as I jammed my hot dick inside. As I pounded away I could see that the black woman's greasy cunt hole was right at eye level. She looks into my eyes and said " So you like fucking white pussies, huh?. Well then get busy sucking my slimy black hole!" With that she grabbed my head and pulls it tight into her bald cunt. I reached up and grabbed her black jugs, tugging at her nipples. I was insane. The other women left came up to me and took me into the depths of lust. One stood by my side tickling my nipples. One sucked my dick into her mouth and the last one, oh God! She dons a strap on greased my ass and the dildoe and went to work plowing my asshole. Ten minutes later I pulled my face from between the black woman's thing and screamed as my cum blasted into that white hole. I fainted and fell to the floor sweaty , exhausted and satisfied. Does anyone think I am perverted?

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  • No, you're really a normal Norman. Nice fantasy, though.

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