I've been working Second Shift for several months and get home after Midnight hoping for some marital affection. But instead of waiting up for me, my wife takes sleeping pills, drinks, and is passed out by then. I have sex with her but it is like doing it with a corpse and I yearned for more excitement.
I began stopping for a beer after work with my co-worker, Otto, who is a bachelor living alone.
Otto is a nice guy and I confided my marital dissatisfaction. He said it would be better than the nothing he is getting. I've often Fantasized about seeing my wife with another man and hatched an idea. After some coaxing, Otto agreed to come home with me.
Otto and I stripped and showered. I went into my bedroom as usual, lubricated and started sex with my wife. She moaned but barely noticed.
I got up and Otto, who is the same size and build as me, took my place. Watching Otto penetrate and have full coitus with my wife was the sexiest experience I ever had and she slept through it.
Otto has had my sleeping wife four times so far while I watch and jack off. It's the best sex I ever had and I'm thinking about doing it with a different co-worker soon.

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