Does anybody else...

...have a good looking wife who's stopped having sex with you? If so, do you find yourself fantasizing about her fucking other men?

That's my situation. And it's gotten to the point where it's all I fantasize about. My wife fucking one (or more) of the neighbors. My wife fucking her boss or a co-worker or a customer. My wife getting gang-banged.

I can't help but think that some of this might actually be happening.

And it makes me hard.

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  • My wife and I are late 30's and sex is very infrequent. We work long hours, have two teenagers, and I feel like a fucking cab driver getting them to school, their sports, etc. My wife is still gorgeous, imo. She has put on a tiny bit of weight--she's 150 lbs and used to be 130--but it all went to the right places for the most part, her tits and ass. I wish she would show some initiative and want to fuck. I'd be okay if she had the hots for anyone at this point.

  • My wife was cold as ice for most years of marriage. We went to counseling etc., she is a conservative church active gal, great mother. I also started having the fantasy of seeing her get screwed by some guys with huge cocks. Long story short, we have a friend down the street with a pool, me and family would go there sometimes and he got a good look at my wife. He would make comments to me that she was hot. So I got to telling him to go for it, make a pass and see what she does, it's fine with me but I get all the info. He told me everytime he made passes, at first she just brushed it off. I was planting seed in her mind when we did have sex about I knew he wanted that ass. I told her he was very hung and she admitted she could tell with the shorts he wore. It was about a month later he called at work and said he jogged by house and got in conversation with her in the driveway. He said man she didn't have a bra on and she was showing those puppies proud. Unusual for her so I knew just a matter of time. I told him to call her and complement her some more on how hot she looked etc. He did and said he turned the conversation to would like to see more of them. Here again I ramble. He got her to his house one morning while I was at work, she would walk some mornings. He called and said she is in the house, I said if she is that far she wants it. He joked about seeing them again and my shy wife took her top off like nothing to it. He said she looked down at his cock and he pulled it out. The rest is history but repeated itself for a year and a half atleast once a week, sometimes much more. She has never found out I know. In their conversations she has shared she has had sex on and off with several others. The thing she says she has to have is size and stamina. Well that explains a lot!

  • My wife went through early menopause at age 36. It's a genetic thing for sure, as her mom went through early menopause as well. She just stopped having periods. The result was lower estrogen and a lower sex drive.

    It's a real chore to get laid when your wife has no desire. She's very attractive and I'd love for her to regain her former sexual form. She used to love screwing. Seriously, I'd be okay with her fucking other guys at this point, if it meant it could kick start her desire, but she just isn't interested.

  • I had suspected my wife was cheating for a while.Almost every Friday I would get home and her male friend would be there.I got on with him,he was a nice guy,that's why it took me a while to suspect them.But then I got home a bit early and he was rushing out .He looked quite sweaty and his coat was off.My wife was in a dressing gown and said she needed to have a shower.So was she in that during his whole visit?
    To be honest because of me our sex life has been crap.I do prefer to masturbate and if she's in the mood I'm not always,so if she's getting it elsewhere I don't mind.That's why I asked her if she was sleeping with him?

  • Yes, I enjoy masturbating, too. And since I work from a home office, I have plenty of time to do that when I'm not traveling.

    Take right now, for example. Wife just left the house for her morning walk wearing her skimpy tank top and shorts that barely cover her ass. I watched her walk down the driveway and across the street. When she gets out onto the main road outside of our subdivision, men in passing cars will start honking at her. And she tells me about it! Calls it "disgusting" but I think she loves it.

    So here I sit, beating off to thoughts of her getting fucked by strangers who pick her up on one of her morning walks.

  • Mine use to meet some guys she knew through business. They would pick her up and drive around while she gave head. Found out about it through a good friend that worked with one of the guys. He knew I thought it was hot so he would tell me whenever that guy would mention it. It was maybe a monthly thing with that guy but he said she told him there were several other friends she has to help out. Interesting wives don't suck husband but suck others like no tomorrow.

  • My wife is 27, she's gorgeous. Perfect tits, great ass, totally fit, hourglass figure, basically a body built for fucking. She used to model, and she still could easily if she wanted to. My friends always comment on how pretty she is and how lucky I am to have her. I can sense their lust for her whenever they come over.

    The deal is that I get laid maybe once a month and have to beg for it. She has a very low sex drive, essentially nonexistent. I don't have to worry about her cheating, because she isn't into sex. At all. Although she is beautiful, sometimes I think I should have just married a plain slutty type. I would be so much happier. I feel like I have a roommate and financial partner, not a wife.

  • That's a bummer. When my wife was 27, we'd been married five years and had one child. We were working on #2. For both kids, when trying to get pregnant, we fucked a lot. But once she knew she was pregnant, I was totally cut off. Things only went downhill from there. It's been years since she let me fuck her, and even then it felt like a "mercy fuck."

  • Yes. Same situation here. I have to initiate sex and feel guilty when she doesn't want it. She's a hot 50 years old but is quite a flirt and always has been. She absolutely loves attention from men. My wife admitted to cheating on her first husband (married right after college and divorced soon afterward). We've been married 20 years. Is it a stretch to think that she is doing it now? I don't think so. She's constantly late coming home from work, started dressing more professionally and looking hotter, and has talked about working out.

    I've found that if you have a gut feeling about it, it's probably happening. Women cheat as much as men do but are more secretive and sly. They get away with it more and I think they feel less guilt about it than men do; they'll rationalize why they cheat.

    Has your wife given you any signs? Changes in hairstyle, clothing, more time "out with the girls,"

  • People are always blown away when they find out how old my wife is. She's 55 but everybody assumed she was in her early 40s. Tops. Just like your wife, she's always been a flirt. Not only does she have a great figure (average tits, but incredibly long legs and an amazing ass), but she's got a great personality that attracts guys just as much as her body does. And, believe me, does she ever know it! We've been married for over 30 years. First and only marriage for both of us.

    Changes in hairstyle? Come to think of it, she is wearing her wavy brunette hair up more in what I think is a sexy "French braid" style. She's purchased some new shades of lipstick. Some different perfume.

    As for more time "out with the girls," she doesn't need to do that to cheat on me. I'm in sales and travel a lot on business. My wife has the house to herself at least 2-3 nights every week.

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