Getting head

Several years ago when craigslist still had postings for personals I would post and read ads for sex all the time. Most turned into nothing but the few times I did get lucky made it exciting for me. One year I was not going anywhere for the super bowl, just planned on hanging out at my place.
I was in a bit of a sarcastic mood so I posted an ad looking for someone to come over and suck me off while I watched the game. I was not really expecting any serious responses and within like ten minutes I had a message from someone willing to come over. He told me that he had been looking to fulfill a fantasy and be a guys slave for sex but I responded back to him that I was only interested in getting sucked on and nothing else really. He told me that was great and I gave him directions to my place wondering if he was going to actually show up, It was about twenty minutes and I heard the doorbell ring.
The game was just a few minutes into the 1st quarter and I showed him into the living room then went and got a towel to sit on in my chair. I came back and dropped my shorts, sat down in my chair and he walked right over and knelt down between my feet and began licking and sucking on me.
He was really good at it and I watched the game and his head moving around for quite some time as he edged me along then really began sucking hard. I had my first orgasm and he swallowed the whole thing down and kept up the licking and sucking giving me a second one like thirty minutes later, I was over the top impressed with this guys stamina as I watched him just constantly pleasure my cock. He would stop now and then and drink some water but for the most part he just knelt there and was constantly sucking away on me.
He gave me three orgasms over like two hours and even kept up the sucking for a bit after the third one but he told me that he was done and left without saying much at all, my cock was tingling from all his sucking for quite some time afterwards. I have never experienced so much oral from anyone and have never had anyone do it again since.

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