Must be my fault

When I was younger I walked home from school one day and a bunch of boys jumped out from behind some bushes. They drug me down a trail, stripped me and did all kinds of sexually explicit things to me. I told my parents what had happened that evening , almost immediately my dad started saying that I prevoked it be not covering up my breasts more and because I wore tight clothes , claiming they left little to the imagination. Two years later we went on a family vacation to Montana and visted indian days. The very first time I was alone I was grabbed and pulled behind a horse trailer where 4 native American boy's took me. So again I told my parents and again they in sorts blamed me for being promiscuous. Then a few years later during the spring break of my senior year in high school , I was at my friend's house waiting for her to get home. Her older brother and two of his friends asked me if I wanted to come out back and smoke a bowl of weed. After we all got stoned their hands were all over me, they took my clothes off and had sex with me right there in the back lawn. I said nothing to anyone , I felt like I would only be blamed again. Those boys forced themselves 6 more times on me over the next few months. I began to get a nasty reputation and everyone called me slut, whore and other names. My parents found out about my reputation and sent me to live with my aunt and uncle in Seattle. Life was normal life was great. I met a wonderful man and we were married two weeks ago last Friday. I don't have the heart to tell him that the night before our wedding , I was forced to have sex by his friends. When they were done the only comment that replay's in my head is ( if I didn't have such a f able body this would never have happened. So again it's my fault.

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  • It's also your fault for writing such a ridiculous bullshit post !

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