I found my 1st bi-curious boyfriend when I was younger

I confess when I was younger , I had a Bisexual crush on a boy who lived about 100 km from me , when I was just 11 years old , I decided to make him all mine by making him my best friend , I’m not sure If he younger or older than I was . But I done bisexual stuff with him , he never slept over my place .
but I wish he did sleep over so I could have stripped him down to his underwear and my underwear and we could have gotten closer in my bed and later on naked instead of our tiny PP’s being separated by our 4 layers of clothing , we should have slept in a bed once together , but we broke up long ago and this year , years later I found him again and he was unattractive and fat and he recognized me as his first boyfriend,
but I did not recognize him until after I found out sometime later that he was my first bi-sexual boyfriend and he was my first love , but I did not love him no more . He recognized me , but I did not know who he was until he tried to make me remember him .
He will die alone and lonely , I know it , because I was the one who made him Bi-sexual and Or Gay .

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  • And you will die lonely, stupid and asexual.

  • Just be glad I did not rape your mom , otherwise I would have been your daddy and I would have forced her to drop you off at the nearest orphanage.
    Or I would have just dropped you lots as a baby and killed you and blamed it on being stupid , than I would have humped Your mom like a little bitch , than I would have dug up your great grandma’s Skelton and had my way with her too ( me imitating humping your mom ) , a great piece of ass your grandma has , anybody ever tell you of the time I boofed your dad Asshole .

  • Now, now, don't get upset. Here, lets put more juice in your sippy cup.

  • I know his PP was tiny , because I was tiny and he was tiny , Tiny PP vs Tiny PP. I never seen him naked . But I was hairy , so was he . But we should have had each other in bed .

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