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For many years during the heat of passion I would ask my wife if she had ever been with anyone else other than me . My wife would always say no and that she had no interest in anybody else other than me .We got married young I was the only guy she had ever been with other than fooling about with other young lads before we met .The kids had grown up we had them young so my wife was still only 35yrs old , I still had the same thoughts but years ago I don't think I could have handled any body with my wife in reality I was jealous and possessive . But has the years pass you change your thoughts and feelings if somebody his looking at my wife nowadays trying to look up her skirt or down her top i like it . Anyway my wife was quite prim and proper she always behaved herself , Again one night years later during the heat of passion I asked my wife again this time she did not say anything , So I asked again she paused then said yes I could not believe my ears I said again have you fucked someone else she said yes , I know I've done wrong I've done something i shouldn't have done , So I got her to tell me what had happened , She said when she was out on a girl's night out she danced with this lad when it came to leaving he had followed her , He had caught her up then offered to walk her home my wife said no I'm married my husband won't like it but he insisted on walking her home , My wife said he asked for a kiss good night then said he will go on his way , So my wife gave him a kiss she said it was nice she knew it was wrong but I did it again for longer and enjoyed it even more , This time he put his hand up my skirt I said no then he told me to open my legs so he could get his fingers in me , My wife said again she knew it was wrong but she was so horny he was fingering me and I was loving it , He then pulled my knickers down told me to step out of them pull my skirt up and stand with my legs open against the wall , He undone his jeans then pulled his pants down it was big he tried to push it in me but it was too big we tried for a while eventually it went in I never felt this full before , He then had sex with me and came inside me he picked my knickers up then walked off with them , I was in total shock I never thought my wife would do that to me I had mixed emotions , upset , betrayed , turned on , I asked her when this had happened She said 10 years ago when I was 25 , also have you ever set eyes on him again she said no never and would never do it again she said she would do anything to make it up to me , I said anything she said yes ,Then I said I want you to do it again while I watch you and instruct you what to do , She agreed and promised she will do it for me, next time .

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  • I came home early from my 3 weeks work trip and spied my wife fucking the neighbour on the couch.Our sex life needed this and it turned me on so much.I got so hard watching thru the window and just had to stroke my cock.I watched her have 2 orgasms and then the guy finished in her bare back.He then pulled his huge dick out for her to clean off while is cum trickled out of her pussy.

  • How long had your neighbour been fucking your wife with that huge dick?

  • I love watching my wife with other men

  • I’m Jealous, I want my wife to do this so bad

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