If only they knew

My boyfriend is very good with his hands and tongue!
I love my pussy licked so much my boyfriend has made two devices that I can rest my legs on so it’s more comfortable for both of us.
We leave the two leg rest in the corner of our living room, whenever friends or family are visiting someone will always asks, what are those.
I even watch the TV while my pussy is being licked, I’ve also been on the phone to my parents, it’s so nice and relaxing.

4 months ago

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    • My wife loves my pussy licking obsessions. And I do it well. When I was 18 I sucked at. My GF would says that's enough, I'm wet now so fuck me already.
      The drinking age was 18 back then in NJ and I looked 14. This hot married lady 35 was obsessed with my boyish look. She got a room and before I fucked her she had me go down on her. When we were done she said I can't believe I fucked you and it was legal. A week later we're having drinks and she said my sex was great but my oral sucked, want to lean? And for a year before she'd tell me exactly what to do and not to do. At first I didn't like it, I never gave oral more than 3 minutes, she had me down forever. Then when I got good I loved everything about it, the taste, smell the texture of her soft vagina on my tongue.

    • Eating pussy is the best thing in the world. I’d give anything to eat a women out, haven’t done it for years. My wife is 10 years older than me and no longer wants it.

    • Sounds amazing I would love this! Asexybeautifulwoman

    • Ok Megan.

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