Size of my brother

Can’t believe my brother has a massive cock, my brother knocked on my door it was pouring with rain he was soaked.
He took his clothes off (I didn’t see him naked) the best I could offer him was a big football shirt I had given to me and some track pants.
When he came downstairs you could clearly see the size of his cock, my track pants were tight and highlighted the shape of his cock, he readjust himself a few times until he had his cock pointing down the inside of his thigh, normally I wouldn’t be saying much about this but the thickness and length says it all!

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  • I grew up as the only daughter in a family with 4 brothers. We were poor so had to room together in bunk beds and the like, as we moved a lot and had 2 bedrooms at the most where we lived. Saw a lot of dick. It only got a little weird when I could hear them jerking off or saw them erect. My brother Steve in particular has a nice one.

  • My hot older sister was taking me to a part-time job I had at a garage one baking Summer afternoon, and, since she was only dropping me off, didn't bother to change out of or cover the tiny, black bikini she'd been tanning in. It was a wicked weasel-type that really had her nearly naked, her long hair was down, sunglasses on, and killer-long nails (our shared thing/fetish) jet-red. I got into her car, eyed her up, and got immediately hard as hell for her.

    She took notice of the bulge and how up I was for her, saying in a joking, sexy tone "Did IIIII do that?", to my answer of yes. I had to be honest, since she was this hot and nearly naked an easy reach from me. Damn I wanted her.

    We cut down a side alley, and start talking about, well..My cock. She asked about my girlfriend, if she'd seen it, how far I'd gone with her, then flat-out said "You're huge for me right now..Let me see", and undid my jeans snap and zipper. She told me she wasn't surprised at how big I was, and knew what she did to me (and men in general), but..Was very impressed, and, if I'd said what I wanted her to do, she would do it..Just wanted me to say it, to hear it from me that I wanted her to go down on me and take in my huge for her cock.

    I did tell her, yes..I want you to go down on me. She pulled behind a beat-up, green, wooden shed in the alley (I can still see it in my brain), and proceeded to give me an intense, head-bobbing, deep inside of her mouth, cock sucking that made me spew onto the top part of my pants (I worked at a garage and my pants were full of dirt and oil spots own spew spot just blended right in) and a little on her seat. After that, anytime she got me that hard and up, which was often, she'd repeat the cock sucking. I loved it..

  • Suck it for him! Lick his balls and asshole too.

  • I hope things progress to having your brothers big cock inside your pussy. You know you want it. Keep us updated

  • He's your brother and you had never noticed that he had a big dick ? Yeah, okay, Miss Penis Envy.

  • Should've fucked.

  • Sounds like you may be interested in your brother?

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