Camera club boy posing

I was in my mid teens , a guy asked me if i wanted to pose a little for his camera club . I figured why not . At first it was standing next to his Chevelle car , then sitting on his snow mobile , and other poses around the garden , nothing creepy at all . I think they were buttering me up for the stuff about to come.
One very hot day I was there ,all 4 photographers were there already. They had a session setup for outside , today they wanted pool pics . So I went home , got my bathing suit ,came back and went in pool while they took a few shots . They had me get out and took a bunch of me wet . The main photog came up and and posed me in a way and ran his hands across my nipples, I didnt think much of it ,but it feel good . Snap,snap.snap . He put my hands on my head ,turned me and said try not to move for the next few ok ? I said ok . snapsnap snap .
he came up behind me and said my suit was a little high,let me adjust it ,try not to move , and with that he pulled it down a bit just above my cock and by crack was now showing . snap snap snap . By this time I was starting to dry he said jump in get wet and relax a bit . Again I got out , the starting more pics of me dripping ,they seem to like that ?? He said lets quick set up for the next pose before i dry, had me place my hands behind my head ,and said lets not move again and said we need to re adjust , he came up in front of me and pulled my swim trunks down to my feet and said step out . I was now naked in front of these older adults and just did as i was told .I stood there naked,wet with hands behind my head and pics were taken ,they had me turn around and took some of my ass . I said is this really our secret ? They said sure , no worries about it . We broke for lunch , then they had me swim naked in the pool while once again taking pics then had me get out and took more of me standing there dripping. The head guy says you have some shrinkage due to cold water ,can i take care of it? I didnt say anything and he slowly grabbed my junk and jerked me off a little and played with my balls until i was semi hard all the while the other guys were taking pics . Then i was told to jerkoff and i started to stroke it ,for some reason i was not embarrassed ,and they took pics until i said i need to stop ,im about to cum . they said no no no ,keep going , so i did and said im about to cum and they were firing off their cameras like it was spitting money or something , then i started cumming.
From that moment on ,when i would come over , all i would do is strip , and jerkoff , pose with my hard cock in hand or other hard poses and I loved it .
It was never over until i came . which was fine . On one occasion they had me lay on pool deck and jerkoff and cum on my chest and took lots of pics , one guy knelt down and licked the cum off me and said you taste good boy . He licked off my cock too and sucked it in his mouth .Then the worst part of this whole thing , My father got promoted to another state 900 miles away , and that was it for that . Wish it could have continued but ..

9 months ago

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    • I posed for a art class for three months / The first month all ok the second month a ok the third month the first two weeks ok but then it was sexual poses I mean guys had their hard cock in me some just a few inches but most ended up cumming deep in me One Hispanic couldn't mind the instructor and started in fucking me right away during the session he'd cum in me three times and fuck me hard for three hours by the time class was over for the night I was a mess drenched in sweat and cum. For three sessions I had him as a partner the last was five guys taking turns fucking me in all positions and it was Photo night and yes I had all three holes filled with hard cock. they were told not to cum in me but the first guy a big Mexican cum in my ass and pulled out the fourth squirt that told the rest they could do me too 14 guys fucking me taking turns and cumming in my ass and puss thank god I couldn't give any BJ for my throat just had surgery three days earlier, But my ass and pussy got filled and a cum bath when the last session was them jerking off over me letting their cum land anywhere upon me.

    • I posed for an artist who I met that was sketching at the art Institute that I visited weekly. I was 12 and the relationship became sexual by the third time posing.

    • I thought you were going to blow and fuck all of them , nyc

    • You would have,,,, Cb

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