Gym knickers

For a year now I’ve always had this thought in the back of my head that’s never gone away.
About a year ago I popped in to see a friend after the gym had a chat and went home, when I got home I released I had left my gym bag at my friend house, I texted to say I will collect when I’m next passing.
After a few days my friend text me saying I have put your gym clothes in the wash, thanks I replied, then he texted saying but not your gym knickers, we joked back and forth about my gym knickers then he said I’m being honest I’m keeping your knickers, I said stop it and thought no more of it.
A few days later I collect my gym bag and when I got home my gym knickers were gone, I texted asking him about them and he said he had been having lots of fun with them, jokingly again we texted back and forth about my gym knickers in my head I was saying to myself I hope he is joking because that’s gross.
To this day as gross as I think it is every now and then I get really turned on thinking he was having fun with my gym knickers and still to this day I’ve not had my gym knickers back.

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  • Yup, for sure sniffing them and getting off

  • You know he’s been sniffing them while masterbating then shoot a thick stream of his cum in to the crotch of them wishing it was your pussy

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