My wife's sister.

Me and my wife met at a young age.
We always had an amazing love life.

Her sister would visit us every other day. Or we her.
It was a friendship mainly.
But recently my wife started working a late shift and I just recently finished a major project.
So here I am waiting at home till the next season and her sister comes by even when wife ain't home.

For the past few weeks she showed up all dolled up with make up and dressed really skimpy.
She never made any moves towards me but she would grin at me everytime we are together.
She never dresses up for anything else.

Suddenly last weekend she made a move on me.
And I've been secretly fantasizing about her for years
She came over and we talked on the deck for a few hours.
And when I was going inside to get a drink she followed me in. And she pulled me towards the door. And she started rubbing my c"** and I didn't stop her. We didn't say much but she ended up slobbering and swallowing a load. And I knew she hasn't been with a man before so I ate her out. And after that we f***** everywhere in the house. I pulled her hair as I slammer her and we even went outside in the open air and she rode me. It felt like we were Po""stars.
I filled her up with my c** five times and this all took about 3 hours. It was absolutely amazing and I would definitely do it again.
However I'm afraid she might get pregnant. Even though she told me she was on birth control and even showed me.

I love my wife. And I love her sister.
I feel so afraid to ruin their lives now. I'm the type to simply move on if things go sour. But I'm also hoping everything will stay how they are.

P.s. I don't know if I should stop doing this or continue. It's super naughty.


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  • Things never stay the same and some day you may be found out, then what will you do ? I'm sure the sex is the best or at least very exciting. If discovered, your wife's family will never talk to you again , not to mention your wife and maybe her sister as well. You should think this thing through.

  • I too used to fuck my wife's younger sister. It started when she was our babysitter and progressed to full on beautiful sex. She was adventurous and welcoming as none before and I truly think I should have married her. Hardly a day goes by that I don't think about "Susie".

  • If I was you I would stop. My wife and I married young and after 8 years I had a brief affair with her younger sister. We got found out !
    Now I'm divorced and very lonely neither my family or hers will speak or have anything to do with me.
    Its great at the time to have the attention but the fall out lasts much longer.
    Don't ruin a good thing stick to your wife.

  • Yo, OP, this guy is right. You'll fuck up your marriage and "amazing" sex life for a few minutes of naughty pleasure. Also, words like " fucked " , "porn" and "cum" are not only perfectly acceptable here, they are encouraged. Loosen up, dude !

  • I do agree with these guys. You don't shit where you eat. I think you quite well know you should check yourself and not mess with your SIL as there is great risk of a lot of damage to all. I also think that you will chance it not being able to say no to the little head.

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