Bicurious or not

I have a fetish of crossdress get. But I have no desire to be with men
I do a***play but don't take it further.
I have a GF who we have amazing s** almost every night.
But when she's not around I will toy myself.

Even tho I don't desire men. Does this make me bi. Or even crazier. Does it make me gay?

Prostate play is amazing. And I think everyone who is open minded should try it. It takes practice to get it right. But the org*** is kinda like when a woman has one. Your body shakes and you just feel great after.

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  • I do the say I m a straight male love woman like to play wearing panties and pantyhose when home alone. Also like to put a dildo up my ass. Your ok man. I would love to have my wife peg my ass though.

  • I’m not attracted to men either but sometimes when I have been partying I like to wear pantyhose panties or thongs. Nothing else and yes I have used a dildo on myself but I can’t seem to cum like a lot of men talk about. Anyway I don’t think your gay.

  • Not gay either but i have had gay friends in my arse a few times i have many arse toys also ,i crave a cum from my arse,the best is when i spray big cum with no orgasming try cock rings on cock and balls with mostly anal poking best gag yourself to if ya gf dont know

  • I toy my ass too but sometimes I want to feel the real thing.

  • Prostate milking* most men dont discover it untill theyre in their 50's
    Around the time they go in for prostate exams or colonoscopies.
    It doesnt make you gay.
    If you think it does than your not matured enough.
    Do not experiment with other men. Because you migt catch some nasty desease or he can be too rough and leave you with tears or irritated hemmeroids. And then what..

  • Not. You're just a little pervy. But, somewhat delusional too. How the fuck do you know what a woman's orgasm feels like ?

  • Well I wouldn't know. But all I'm saying is it was like ejaculation. But from within it affected the entire body instead of just from the pe*"*. It was almost the same but ten times better.

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