Out of town

My parents went on a trip so they asked me to check on the house while they were gone. On the third day that I check I noticed a light on in the house that I didn't leave on. I assumed someone had broken in and called the police. They showed up and we entered the house to find one of my dads friend asleep on the couch. I questioned why he was there and he told me my father said it was ok for him to crash at their house. I immediately called my father and he confirmed it to be true. I thanked the police and they departed. The next night I stopped to check again and sure enough he was sleeping on the couch again. I tapped him in the leg to wake him up but I started him awake and he jumped up from under the blankets totally naked. So here I am face to face with this naked man in my parents living room. I couldn't help but immediately notice how big he was. Bigger than any of the guys I had previously been involved with. I tried not to look, but I kept looking down until finally he noticed me looking. He asked if I liked what I saw. I kept telling myself to say no and ask him to cover up, but for some reason I couldn't bring myself to say it. Instead I gave in and told him how big it was. Then instead of a discreet glance, I turned and took in the full sight of his package. He's probably 50 years old but I never noticed how hunky he is. His chest, arms, and legs are all buff. I reached out and lightly touched his chest. He had a pretty obvious scar off his left shoulder. I ran my fingers over it and asked what happened. He told me he had been shot in Iraq during Dessert Storm. He then pointed to his left leg and another scar saying he had been shot in the legs at the same time. I moved my hand to his leg and lightly ran my fingers over that scar. I'm not sure if it was the scars or his buff body, but I moved my hand to his thing and started rubbing him. He instantly got hard. My God he is big. I'm guessing about 9 inches long and fat enough that I couldn't touch my fingers to my thumb around it. I pushed him back on the couch and dropped to my knees. I tried to give him a BJ but couldn't get much than the head in my mouth. I finally gave up and stood up taking my clothes off. I straddled him and positioned at my vagina. It took me a little while to get him inside me, but eventually I sat down as far as I could take it. I rode him and rubbed his chest while he grabbed my ass and squeezed. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would be having sex with one my dads friend on the living room couch. It was so erotic and he was so hunky that I orgasmed multiple times before he finally orgasmed. I have to admit that was probably the best sex I have ever had.

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  • I like sucking my boyfriend’s hard cock while he looks at Bianca Wilshin’s Instagram. He always cums so hard looking at Bianca, I love sucking his balls dry as he looks at her bikini photos.

  • My wife and I tell each other almost everything -- even when we cheat and that's not often over 40 years. She likes to brag about her slutty early 20's -- and she can't tell her sister or her girlfriends. There was married guy 40 that worked in the same field -- she liked him, he was good looking and showed an interest in her. He asked her out, she was like WTF-- you only live once. She knew with a married guy she was agreeing to an unsaid sex date. They get to the room and they started going at she like OMG he has a horse cock, I want to run -- She's like I'll just give him a BJ and move on. She had the same can't fir it in my mouth problem you had. She got mouth cramps -- Well gets on her back slides it in. She said it was awesome -- didn't hurt at all -- just felt sooo good. And she has a little pussy. After that she did cartwheels to his motel room when he asked. She said she cheated on me with him when we were engaged.
    Oh well. Arrrrh

  • Fuck ya. Now that is how you treat a house guest.

  • You go, girl!! Treat them Vets right.

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