With Kat at the Crack Plaza

So, I'd met this crazy little drunk bitch at my dealer's place. Her name was "Kat" and she masturbated for me at this storage facility, and blew me and stroked me off. She'd given me her number, and a week later I called her in the early evening. My wife was out of town and I was left to my own devices. She didn't remember me, and I had to run it down for her before she blurted, " Oh, yeah, old guy ! Now, I remember ! " I asked her if she would meet me that evening and she told me she had to work another half hour. We agreed on a no-tell motel known as the " Crack Plaza ", and I agreed to get her a six pack of malt liquor tallboys. I rolled a blunt, put ice in a cooler, put condoms in my pocket and popped a Cyalis on the way out the door. I got her malt liquor on the way and iced it down.

The Crack Plaza was as sketchy as they come. I loved it for the danger and the sleaze. The sullen Indian clerk gave me a room out in the far reaches when I assured him I'd need it for the night. The parking lot and breezeways were full of whores, dopers, and zombie wastoids of every stripe. Two whores, both white and atrocious and one dealer of crack and ice hit me up before I ever made it to the room. I demurred politely, but, firmly. Kat rolls up in her shot out Jetta, looking prettier than I remembered ( it was the makeup, dumbass ! ) , but, harried. " I need a drink ! " she growled, and I let us in the room. The room was clean, seemingly, but the pea green carpet was stained with fuck knows what, the bedspread the same, the obligatory matador and bull painting askew, a general odor of cum and piss permeated throughout. " Nice place ! " she sneered.

I had no sooner placed the cooler on the floor when she snatched a sweating can out, opened it, and chugged half in one mighty pull. She belched quietly, and finished it with another chug. She belched louder that time, and quickly opened another. I offered the blunt, but, she said, " A little later, " and drank deeply. " Man, what a fucked-up day, I've had ! " She had the shakes and she bitched a bit about the pitfalls of slave retail work. I let her rant, and she pounded the malt liquor. Then, she said, " Hope the shower works, I want to wash my tits, pussy, and ass ! " and she began removing her clothes. I watched her as the smock hit the floor, the handful of tits fell from the dingy bra, she stepped from the flower print panties, and I admired her cute bubble ass as she bent over the cooler and got a third malt liquor. " Be right back, " she promised.

When she returned, I was naked on the bed, covers pulled back, stroking a purple erection. She dried her ass crack and shaved pussy and smiled. I lit the blunt and she slipped in beside me. We had a few tokes each, and began making out. She reached for my erection and cooed, " You got a great cock ! Longer and thicker than my old man's. Did you have to eat a handful of Viagra ? " I lied and told her, " No, it'll always get up for some strange ! " There was a bump at the door. Zombies milling about. She had just bent to suck me when there was a knock. " I've got this ! " she said, getting out of bed, and retrieving a pistol from her purse. My heart quickened its' beats. She opened the door, slightly, hiding her nudity, and holding the pistol behind her back. It was one of the whores from earlier. " What do you want ? " Kat asked. " Ummm, I sure could use a beer if you got one, or a piece of what you're smoking, " she garbled. " No ! Get the fuck away from here ! " Kat snarled. The whore persisted, " No, seriously, I'll fuck both of you for a beer and some tokes ! " Kat slammed the door, chained it, and tucked her pistol away. " Just so you know, I've done women before, but not fucking skank crack whores ! " she admitted.

We resumed our tryst. We sixty-nined ravenously. Her clit was rock hard, as was my cock. I fucked her vagina with my tongue, she brought me close to orgasm with excellent fellatio. I begged her to stop but she kept at it. I told her I was coming and she slurped down every drop. " Wow, you came a bucketful ! " she noted and ground her pussy and ass into my face. I licked and rimmed her until I was hard again. I opened a condom and pulled it over my cock, and wasted no time flipping her onto her back and plunging into her dripping wet snatch. I pinched her nipples as I rammed her, hard and fast. I got her in the doggy position and plowed away, squeezing her swaying tits, fingering her brown button anus. My knees wore out before my cock did and I laid on my back as she rode me. We came together loudly. She peeled off my condom and flung my come onto the nasty floor, laughing. Then, she masturbated, concentrating on her g-spot until she sprayed her lady come onto the floor. " Let 'em shine a blacklight on that shit ! " she laughed.

We burned some more of the blunt, she drank another tallboy. I asked her if she'd ever used her pistol. " Fuck yeah, I shot a motherfucker who wanted to rob me. Shot him in the dick, or, close to it. Bet he'll think twice next time ! "

She got dressed and left. I absorbed more of the ambiance as darkness fell. I gave the wandering whore a tallboy and the blunt roach, but made her lick the carpet as payment.

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