I want a black man’s baby

My husband and I ware white in our late 20’s married 4 years. Since we got married we have very little sex. In fact for the past year none at all. I keep him locked in Mae chastity (a cocktail cage). I only have sex with Black men.
My goal is to become pregnant by a Black man. I recently spent a weekend with a Black guy who works with my husband. If I don’t get pregnant we are planing on spending a week away together during the time I’m ovulating. We have both been checked and are both fertile.
I like to have 4 or 5 Black babies. I believe every white women should have Black babies. This will help to eliminate racism.

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  • " Some babies grow in a peculiar way / It changed, it grew, then everybody knew / Semi mojo, who's this kinky so-in-so ? / Papa go, 'Oh no ! No hesitation, no tears and no heartbreaking, no remorse ! / Oh no, congratulations ! This is your Haitian divorce " Steely Dan...just for you, swirly baby-maker !

  • This sounds like it was written by a black man to try to brainwash white women to become black pregnant.

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