Mom's Boyfriend

For three years my moms black boyfriend would have sex with me and my older. Started with my sister then I would have to blow him eventually going all the way. Started when I was 12 and she was 15. We never thought my mom knew until later when it became obvious. His friends would share my sister often but not me, I was his alone. My sis ended up having black babies and is with a black man. Im married to a white woman but serve married black men on the dl. Some consider us abused but we never felt abused. To this day we both enjoy serving black men. I think its very common actually for white men and women to be in sexual service to blacks but its so hush hush. Its like we all know and accept sexual reparations for slavery. Any thoughts on this? I don't think Im alone.

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  • Reparations? How many slaves have you owned? How many years have these men you’re “paying back” served as slaves?

  • I call this a bull shit post. Their is no such thing as a married black man LOL.

  • .....*is quietly a married black man*

  • Ive got four white women sucking my cock right now… 60 yr old Black Man here

  • Lmfao. That was funny. Oh wait, your not joking. Just a internet liter. Lol.

  • I’m jealous of them tbh

  • I have an older sister who has a different dad my mom is a complete slut seven brother and sister and 5 different dads two mom has no idea who their dads are. When my mom gets drunk she talks about how huge my sisters dads cock is. She puts her hands apart saying 11 3/4” long and circles fingers saying 7 1/4” that how huge your daddy’s cock is to my sister me and my other sisters. Going into details how amazing his cock feels stretching her out. All of us girls including Ash enjoy the sexual education regardless it being her own dad. As she got older she got tired and embarrassed our mom going on and on. My mom would taint her saying how she would enjoy riding her dads massive cock. Strange as she moved in with her dad shortly after she argued with my mom. I ended up staying the night at their house when I fell asleep and woke up she wasn’t there. I walked to the hall hearing grunting the door was open and she was riding her dads huge cock I walked in and sat next to them. She asked if I wanted to fuck him I said yes it took allot of stretching luckily I wasn’t a virgin. Mostly nice size cocks made it able to accommodate his entire cock. My mom was absolutely right best fuck in my entire life

  • No you're not alone for our neighbors son who's 17 a coal black very hung has been my lover for the past three weeks. The first time I fought him yes I fought him but he won and once he started in ramming his hard cock deep into me I soon wanted more and more.
    Now for the past three weeks being with him for a good 6 hours a day I am his, I can't say no to him at all for I love the feeling of being owned by him and I do whatever he wants of me.

  • You're not alone but lived my fantasy to be black owned, serving a black couple and in a community like that.

  • Color don’t make you a good lover when you talk about color or race being better then that’s racist your a good lover because you’re a good lover point final

  • We will find a method in which to make Mr. Soros, the globalists, the n.w.o. and the liberals IRRELEVENT. BET ON IT.

  • Well I don't know but our neighbors son who's 17 has been my lover for the past 7 months and yes I love his cock all 11 inches of him. Yes he's black a blue black from Kenya and only been in the states for 8 months. I am a half breed Mexican and Japanese and only stand 5'/1" weigh a whopping 103 lbs and Gerald stands 6'5" weighs around 200 slender but his cock is thick and long and he brutally buries himself deep in me and while filling me with his cum rams himself hard against my cervix trying to impregnate me but he don't know my tubes are tied so it will never happen but he sure tries.

  • You must have to rub your clit then because your pussy ain't no 11" deep.

  • Bahahaha. So he’s close to one of the biggest cocks today. Learn how to lie retard.

  • This is just dumb

  • May a thousand black men fuck your wife!

  • Nah that’s just abuse just brain washed young enough. Put the pigs in jail

  • You're a plant, clear & simple. It's easy to stay ahead of this crap you write. We all know it's simply lies & a bogus story. No, White people ARE NOT in any servitude to n_i_gg_e_rs. If anything, it's the opposite. Them people will always know they are second & third class citizens of something or somewhere. Personally, I favor that ANY white girl that has sexual relations with a n_i_gg_e_r should be hung publicly, minus any jurisprudence.

  • You ain't gonna get a girl with that attitude, since they are obviously important to you

  • You clearly live in a bubble. Tons of WHITE men bring home a black man to service their wifes. I'm part of a swingers club and trust me, it's a thing. Let's face it, a lot of WHITE men have tiny pencil coc*ks and their wifes yearns for more. And I'm white so I'm not being biased.

  • I’m a white swinger so dont go giving us bad names by claiming you are a swinging. Fucking moron. Somehow I doubt your even married and they don’t let single looser men in swingers club so they can sit in the corner and jerk off to little black cocks. Fucking dumbass.

  • Let's face it, you are brainworshed, delusional or perhaps BOTH. You may be the wishing n_I_gg_e_r that is the poster. The only bubble here is your your peabrain about to burst with insanity. Give it up before you're too disabled to move.

  • You guys were raped. You are a victims and need help. Colour has nothing to do with this. He was a sick man.

  • It has everything to do with race. BOW is huge and everywhere. This is a thing, not rape. Its part of the new world order

  • So how’s the new world order coming along. Lol. Is it gonna be guys like you sitting in the basement jerking off all day everyday without a job and moms taking care of you. Loser all the damn way

  • Thoughts? Yep, you're a fuckin idiot!

  • Your crazy and brain washed the color or language you are or speak dont make you a good lover

  • They will never get it though their head. They fantasize about this till it’s true.

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